Monero Wallet- How to Create & Use Monero Wallet Address Online

Before Bitcoin got famous, it was most used Cryptocurrency on the dark web. At today’s date, Bitcoin is the only successful cryptocurrency ever made.

However, it doesn’t mean that we should ignore other altcoins (Cryptocurrencies) which look promising. Even a mere $100 investment on upcoming cryptocurrencies have the power to completely transform our future financial status.

This guide is not about cryptocurrency investments rather it’s about an altcoin called Monero (XMR) which is now a darling of the dark web. Recently Monero has also been added to Binance,, and Bitfinex

In the last six months, the value of Monero has increased by 394.07%. That’s not a number that we can easily ignore.

Welcome to CoinSutra and this is the first guide to Monero series. In this, I will share how you can create your own secure wallet address for Monero.

Note: A mobile wallet company called “Guarda” now supports Monero. Read about Guarda wallet review here.


  • Keep a pen & paper handy
  • Don’t multitask

How to create Monero Wallet address online?

In this guide, I will share the steps to open Monero wallet online. If you are comfortable with the paper wallet (which is more secure),  head to this address & generate your Monero paper wallet address. For cold storage, refer to this guide.

Note: In the second guide I will show you how to buy Monero.

Now, moving on the online wallet generation part.

MyMonero is the fastest way to create XMR wallet. This is a web interface so you need to ensure your system & browser is clean.  Instead of using your usual browser use Brave browser for operating cryptocurrencies.

  • Head over to (Use Virtual machine or browser incognito mode)
  • Click on create an account

On the next page, you will see private login key. The private login key is the only way you can access your MyMonero account. Make sure you note it down on a piece of paper & keep it at a safe place.

Click on log me in button & Ta da! You will be inside your newly created Monero wallet address.

Rest of the stuff is pretty straight forward. You can use your newly created XMR wallet address to receive funds or send funds if you have. You can anytime click on transactions to see your past or current transactions.

Here is something interesting to know about Monero transactions.

Notice the part that says Mixin. If this is your first time with Monero, this is an interesting concept to know about this Cryptocurrency.

Here is what mixin means:

“The mixin count refers to the number of other signatures (aside from yours) in the ring-signature that authorizes the transaction. So a mixin of 3 means that there is a total of 4 signatures. This means that someone looking at the monero blockchain has no way of knowing which of the four signers is the true sender.”

Once you are done, simply close the tab. Whenever you need to login to your Monero wallet, head over to & login with your 13 words (Private key).

Some more Monero Wallets…

How to get Monero?

You can use Changelly to exchange Bitcoin or ETH or other cryptocurrencies into Monero.

Here are some more resources that you might find useful:

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18 thoughts on “Monero Wallet- How to Create & Use Monero Wallet Address Online”

  1. Kannan

    Hello Harsh,

    I follow your blogs last 2years. Now I have a question for you. If we exchange bitcoins for cash through unocoin or some other exchanger, how do we file tax for that transaction? Is there any specific section or something else to file tax for bitcoin income?

  2. Anand

    Hi Where is the page explaining how to buy monero.

      1. VYANKTESH


        1. Harsh Agrawal

          You can create a Monero wallet as suggested above & keep it there. It’s independent of location.

  3. ĎT

    Do you recommend that we keep our crytocurrency in a wallet at all times? Also how can you convert your crytocurrency to cash such as USD, EURO, CDN and so on?

  4. Jeremy Seifer

    Great Article about Monero. Keep it up

  5. neelesh

    which is best wallet for monero

  6. bhavesh

    can we directly buy monero

    1. Sudhir Khatwani

      Yes you can buy Monero in INR, some of these BTC services also sell Monero-

  7. fil.da

    Hello, thx for your information and send greetings from middle europe.. I have question – the first time i bought some monero on Poloniex.. I downloaded Monero wallet..Sent Xmr from Poloniex to address from wallet..and nothing ..I’m waiting for 24hours and balance in the wallet is still 0.000. How long I should wait? I’m nervous a little. Thank you for info.

    1. Sudhir Khatwani

      Greetings from India…It should maximum take 10-30 mints. Which wallet did you download?

  8. fil.da

    It’s Monero wallet core. But now it is ok..I waited 1day (maybe bec weekend, don’t know)…Thank you.

  9. Jeff Hill

    Thanks for the clear information on Monero wallets. Mixin is certainly an interesting concept be interesting to see if other Cryptocurrencies start to add similar features

  10. Deepak

    please any one can tell me that how can i show amount of address by api

  11. travis

    Hi there! Thanks for the article. I am buying Monero on, that’s the fastest way to get Monero.

  12. I don’t know if you are still updating this piece but thought I’d let you know:

    Ledger and Trezor both support Monero now for those looking for Monero hardware wallet support.

    And for desktop, Exodus is a good alternative to the Monero GUI Wallet for people who don’t want to download the Monero blockchain (~70+ gigabytes)

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