Top 7 Cryptocurrencies That Pays Dividends

Usually, people think that the only way to make good money in crypto is through day-trading. However, I beg to differ. In the cryptosphere, there are hundreds of other smart ways to earn.

I have been exploring these ways throughout my crypto journey since 2016 when I first bought Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, since then, I have been addicted to this space and have amassed good knowledge and tips to make my journey even more exciting. (Wish to know more about me and CoinSutra? Read here.)

I wish to share the knowledge and the tips with you so that you can earn smart passive income from just by HODLing right cryptocurrencies that pay dividends.

However, before telling you about the cryptos that give you dividends in the form of smart passive income, I would like to tell you what are dividends exactly are and how you can earn it.

What Are Crypto Dividends?

The traditional definition of a dividend is:

A dividend is a distribution of a portion of a company’s earnings, decided by the board of directors, paid to a class of its shareholders. Dividends can be issued as cash payments, as shares of stock, or other property.


And when a similar concept of profit sharing is done by various cryptocurrency companies, it is termed crypto dividends. Remember, this is different from airdrops because airdrops are basically dilution of total supply that results in dilution of everyone’s holdings.

Different Ways Of Earning Dividends In Crypto

There are different ways by which you can earn dividends in the crypto space by HOLDing a cryptocurrency. However, these differ from currency to currency because each has its own way of operating and has its own rules and regulations.

Some of the most popular ways that actually pay you dividends are:

Based on these different types, I am listing a few cryptocurrencies that I think are worth holding because of their bright future and also to earn passive income in the form of dividends.

List of Dividend Paying Cryptocurrencies To Earn Passive Income

1. Looks:

Looks is a new cryptocurrency that is launched by the NFT marketplace called LooksRare. By staking the $Looks token on the Looksrare staking page, you will earn dividends in the form of WETH (Wrapped ethereum).

A lot of users are using this dividend-paying feature of the $Looks token. The platform shares its earned Ethereum (from NFT transaction fees), to the stakers of Looks token.

Here is a screenshot of the LooksRare rewards page:

This project was launched in the month of January 2022, and something you want to keep an eye on.

$Looks token can be purchased on the following exchanges:

Once you have purchased $Looks token, withdraw the token to your dAPP crypto wallet such as Metamask or Trustwallet. From here, head to page, and stake your $Looks token. You can see the current staking rewards too.

2. Komodo


Komodo is a popular cryptocurrency that has anonymity features plus a better consensus mechanism.

It is also part of a broader decentralized economy system called SuperNET and they are also a pioneer in developing atomic swap enabled P2P decentralized exchange called BarterDex.

However, it is not like pure staking where you need to keep your wallet open all the time. Instead, you just need to keep you KMD in a wallet and move around it on yearly basis.

  • Ticker Symbol – KMD
  • Annual Return – 5 %
  • Staking Wallet –  Binance wallet
  • Once you have KMD token, login to Binance account (Create one if you don’t have one)
  • Click on Earn > Staking
  • Search for Komodo and click on Deposit

Now follow the instructions and start getting dividends for Komodo holdings.

3. Ascendex

Ascendex is an upcoming exchange that has a native coin called ASD. What is interesting here is, ASD lets you earn a percentage of the exchange income. At the time of writing, the price of ASD token is only 25 cents and the demand for this coin is growing. Once you purchase the ASD token, you can use the locking feature of this exchange to lock up your coin (You can withdraw anytime that takes 24 hours), and then you will be earning income in USDT.

To do this, once you have bought the BTMX coin, head over to the “assets” page and click on “request for lock-up”.

The reward is calculated and distributed daily. In 2022, this is one of the best crypto dividends coins that you can buy.

4. KuCoin

KuCoin is a world-class blockchain asset exchange that was launched in mid-2017 and has been getting good traction in 2018 because of its business model and marketing push.

Just like Binance, they also have their native token KuCoin shares but their mechanism of rewarding its holders is different from Binance, something I really like.

By holding these KuCoin shares, you receive a daily bonus/dividend called KuCoin Bonus. The bonus you receive is 50% of the trading fees. So you can do the maths that if the volume and amount of coins traded increases on the KuCoin exchange, the bonus of holding the KuCoin Shares will increase as well.

Note: KuCoin is notorious about changing their rules. So you must verify again before using this dividend paying feature of KCS token.

  • Ticker Symbol – KCS
  • Annual Return – Varies according to exchange trading volume
  • Staking Wallet – MyEtherWallet or Any ERC-20 Wallet
  • Profit Calculator –

5. NEO


NEO is a popular cryptocurrency and is also known as Chinese Ethereum.

NEO is also a cryptocurrency that exists on NEO’s blockchain. Apart from the NEO cryptocurrency, NEO has one more crypto-token called GAS (formerly know as ANC or Antcoins) which can be staked in an NEO wallet for a handsome return. Also, it doesn’t require you to keep your staking wallets open at all times like in other POS cryptos.

But remember, only a few wallets let you claim the GAS, so you need to pick the right wallet to get the GAS as dividends from here.

The return one earns is in the form of NeoGAS, which is now worth $44.5 each (at the time of writing this article).

Also, read:

6. Neblio

Neblio is a pretty new entrant in this space. It is a blockchain platform for developing Dapps, smart contracts and launching ICOs.

But nowadays it is getting a lot of traction because of its development roadmap and standard examples of executing them.

You can say in a way it is a. competitor of Ethereum, NEO and Qtum like blockchain but I think it is not a zero-sum game so Neblio blockchain will fairly carve its place amongst enterprises like other blockchain-as-a-service platforms.

The ‘Nebl’ token which is the native token of this proof of stake blockchain can be staked in their official wallet and also on a raspberry pi to generate decent 10% annual return on the total holdings.



PIVX is another proof-of-stake currency that is trying to be anonymous by applying Zerocoin protocol.

And just like almost all proof-of-stake currencies, it also has its staking model which pays decently for staking and holding your PIVX coins in a wallet. Moreover, there is no cap for staking.

But in this case, the wallets need to be open and online for a certain amount of time to claim the staking rewards.

8. NAV Coin


NAV Coin is the first cryptocurrency that has a dual blockchain for private transactions.

It is a fully functional POS cryptocurrency operating since 2014 based on Bitcoin’s core code. Some of the USPs of this currency are faster transactions (30 seconds), optional privacy with dual blockchains, and a POS staking rewards system that allows you earn while you are sleeping!

There is also no cap for staking.

Conclusion: Best Crypto dividends

Staking, holding, and running masternodes in 2022 will really take off and is an excellent opportunity to get hold of some of these cheap coins to earn smart passive income by earning regular dividends.

But if some of you are holding any other project and earning passive income, do let me know your experience in the comments section below.

Also, let me know if any more profitable cryptocurrencies that you are holding or staking to earn regular dividends and earning smartly.

That’s all from my side in this article. I will be waiting eagerly for your comments below.

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29 thoughts on “Top 7 Cryptocurrencies That Pays Dividends”

  1. andy raman

    i think viable options for a average user is NEO and KUCOIN

  2. Solomon

    Any single hardware wallet can accommodate all the top 7 currencies you suggested?
    Any exchange where we can buy all these top 7 currencies?

  3. girish wadhwa

    tell us exchange where we can buy maximum top currencies

  4. Sheeroh

    Quite the insightful post. It seems to be that out of all these coins, NEO is the most popular. This is something definitely worth considering.

  5. Shibam Kar

    Recently I heard a news that Reliance is working on a cryptocurrency to compete with Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency from Reliance is known as JioCoin. Will it really launch? Or it’s just another hoax?

    1. Sudhir Khatwani

      Not anything concrete to share now on this rumour

  6. christian

    Really u Missed
    I think u really need to update this article.
    Good Work

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      We removed later as the exchange is full of bugs. We will review it again soon and if it qualifies, will add it to the list. Thanks for your comment.

      1. olivier

        Hi, coss is working fine, guess he deserve his place in your listing

        1. Editorial Staff

          Let me see again, last time I checked it had issues.

          1. Olivier

            Coss fee distribution (50%) rely on smart contract so it won’t change in comparison to Kucoin that can change anytime. In addition Fiat is coming on coss end march. i’m in several old an recent dividend coins, coss is in my n° 1 for middle / long term return. BR

          2. SHITCOIN

            COSS is the queen of shitcoins – stay away

  7. EOS has huge long term potential in the coming years in my opinion. It is likely to dominate Ethereum as the smart contracts platform because EOS will be implementing a turing complete programming language using which complicated DAPPS can be written. It has a very good management and development team (It is the same team that developed steemit and block explorer which is the world’s first blockchain based website) and has a solid roadmap. EOS is available on Binance.

  8. Solomon

    Just have a quick look at the whitepaper (page 7) of Kucoin. In order to earn the daily bonus of 50% trading fee from the platform, the holders need to deposit their Kucoin Shares into Kucoin platform (instead of MyEtherWallet or Any ERC-20 Wallet as mentioned in above article). So if the holders transfer their Kucoin Shares to their own wallet, they will miss and cannot claim the daily bonus of the 50% trading fees. Please advise whether my understanding is correct. thanks!

  9. XEON

    Best is MNX (Minex Coin). 70% yearly and up to 20 % monthly income

  10. Kmaier

    Can you hold KMD on a ledger nano s to benefit from the “dividend”?

  11. kmaier85

    Any idea why neblio wallet wont sync on windows OS? Ive let it through my firewall by selecting the public access during download. Not sure what else to do.

  12. Kmaier

    Are there any other tokens that have a similar pay out method to nebl but are around the 1$ range? Does ECA do the same thing as NEBL as far as providing a return for staking?

  13. Billy

    HI I am very new to the space, coming from the futures world do all the moving parts(multiple exchanges, wallets, etc is all a bit confusing although I have educated myself quite a bit in last 2 weeks.

    I am looking to invest and hold here since I daytrade futures.

    I find your sight refreshing but just found this article.

    Would you say these these 7 are still good buys and hold?

    So many people come out with the latest and greatest to buy seemingly hour by hour.

    i would like to invest a small amount in 7-10 coins and forget about for a while and see how they do.

    Thanks for any comments

    1. Editorial Staff

      DYOR- DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, we can’t tell you what to buy and hold, the above info is based on hours of research/use/experience and these coins are not vanishing overnight.

  14. Darrrin

    Smart Cash has a reward program that allows you to earn more every 30 days they are called SmartRewards. I have 1000 Smart Cash coins and I received 47 more coins this month for just holding them in my wallet. That’s like 4.7% a month I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about this coin yet.


    TBH I like your stuff… I have 3 of the coins you mention and many other staking coins like stratis…i use STEX coin and BCO both exchange divis…staking pools and MN sharing which is supppper profitabl cause you can compound way fater buying pieces of MN off your first one…dont have to wait for full MN to purchase them you can buy in everyday and earn even faster!!! check it out

  16. D Aczel

    You forgot PFR and Smartcash.

  17. Loknath Rath

    you missed out PUNDIX?

      1. ssb

        Pundi X products are Point of Sale terminals within Asia that allow you to purchase crypto with fiat.

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