Bybit – 30,000 USDT Joining Bonus (Exclusive)


Register, Deposit & trade to win up to 30,000 USDT in Bybit bonuses. Use this special referral link in order to be eligible. (Only for new users)

One of the ways to make more money in crypto trading is by lowering your trading fees. Earlier I shared Binance discount referral code and KuCoin referral code, which will help you save money on the world’s largest crypto exchanges.

Today, I’m sharing an exclusive Bybit referral and promo code that will help you save 10% of your trading fees forever.

Best Bybit Referral code – 3193

With the Bybit referral code “3193” you can save up to 10% on your crypto trading fees on the Bybit exchange. This discount is applicable in all markets, and as you trade more, your overall savings will be significant.

Not only this, but when you signup for Bybit, you will also be eligible for Bybit starter rewards, where you can win up to 30,000 USDT just by registering, depositing, and trading.

In this Bybit referral code guide, I will share everything you need to know about this special Bybit bonus and promo code.

Bybit Bonus – How does the Bybit bonus works?

A lot of crypto exchanges run promotional offers to attract professional traders or users who wish to be professional traders. Bybit also offers a joining bonus for new users and runs various campaigns to reward active traders.

At the time of writing about Bybit bonuses and promo, there are two campaign running –

  1. Join and complete simple tasks such as deposit and trade to earn up to $90 joining bonus.
  2. Bybit Starter Rewards = Get up to 30,000 USDT when you register, deposit, and trade.

What is the purpose of Bybit Bonuses?

When you complete certain tasks, you will be rewarded USDT in your Bybit account. You can redeem these Bybit bonuses as a margin. Bybit Bonuses can also be used to cover trading losses and to offset trading fees for perpetual and futures contracts (spot not included) prior to the user’s own capital.

Bonuses cannot be withdrawn, while profits from trading with bonuses can be withdrawn.

Bybit coupons –

Based on your activities, you will often receive Bybit coupons. Bybit coupons can be used to offset trading fees for perpetual and futures contracts (spot not included). Coupons will be deducted to cover fees prior to the user’s own capital.

How to Get started with Bybit Bonuses @ Rewards hub

  • Head over to this page and create an account
  • If it asks for promo code, enter “3193”
  • Complete level 1 verification to get the first bonus, and be eligible for further bonuses.

On the rewards hub page, you will see activities like this. You can complete each of them one by one in order to be eligible for the welcome rewards and bonuses.

Click on details in front of any tasks and complete them to claim the bonus. For example, here is a simple task to claim the 10 USDT bonus.

Do note: Tasks are valid for usually 2 weeks after signing up. So, make sure you finish all the tasks within the given time to be able to win up to 30,000 USDT.

A lot of CoinSutra members have taken advantage of this Bybit referral code and bonuses. And, now it is your time to take advantage of this special Bybit promo.

Requirement for Bybit Bonus qualification –

To be eligible for this 30,000 USDT Bybit bonus, there are a few conditions one has to qualify.

  • This campaign is only eligible for new users who sign up for a Bybit account using the special joining link given below.
  • Users who complete requirements within 14 days will receive their bonus on Bybit’s Rewards Hub!
  • Users must register via special link, deposit, and claim their rewards at Bybit’s Rewards Hub to officially participate.
  • Deposit rewards will be automatically distributed to eligible users’ Rewards Hub after the 3-day risk-monitoring period ends. Users will have to manually claim their rewards from the Rewards Hub.
  • Only Derivatives trades will be considered in trading volume. Fiat deposits and Spot trades will not be counted toward users’ Trading Volume.
  • Bybit bonuses can only be used for Perpetual and Futures contracts (Spot not included)

What is Bybit?

Bybit is one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges, which offers various markets such as Spot, Derivatives, and Earn and also offers crypto trading bots. I talked in-depth about this popular exchange earlier in my detailed Bybit review post.

At the time of sharing this Bybit bonus and referral code, they are one of the top 5 crypto exchanges in the world by volume, and they are constantly adding new features.

Note – Bybit keeps offering new campaigns for new and existing users. We will keep you posted whenever they launch a new campaign.

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