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Phemex Invitation Code – $4050 Welcome Bonus


Join the growing crypto app to claim welcome bonus up to $4500

  • Are you looking for the Phemex Invitation code?
  • Do you wish to join a crypto app and earn welcome bonuses?

This Phemex crypto exchange welcome bonus code will help you get an extra $4050 when you use this platform. You must signup with this unique welcome link to enjoy this benefit.

If you don’t want to read further and just need the code, use Invitation code JQP885 to be able to claim up to $4050 as the welcome bonus. Or, you can use the link below to signup (Works on desktop and mobile both)

Phemex referral code JQP885 – How to Join Phemex for Juicy bonuses?

Established in 2019 and regulated in Singapore, Phemex is a growing crypto exchange. If you are new to Phemex, read my earlier review of the Phemex exchange.

In this section, I will let you know how to use this special deposit bonus code to be eligible for a welcome bonus of $4050.

Note: Getting the first $50 welcome bonus is easy. However, to be eligible to get the $4000+ welcome bonus, you need to be using their contract trading features in decent volume within the first few days of signup. I have shared the details below.

Step#1 – Use this link to visit the Phemex website and click on Register now

Step# 2 – The page will automatically add the invitation code “JQP885”, as shown below. If not, simply copy and paste the Invitation code JQP885, and you will be eligible for all extra discounts and welcome bonuses.

Step# 3 – Add your email, select a password and click on create an account. This entire process of signing up at Phemex should not take more than 30-40 seconds.

Step# 4- Check your email inbox and confirm your Phemex signup. Once you have done this, your Phemex account is activated, and you can move further to claim your welcome bonuses.

Phemex Welcome Bonus – Everything You Need To Know

Once you have an account on Phemex, you have multiple options.

Basic tasks – Non-KYC account

If you don’t wish to do the KYC, you can take advantage of their welcome bonuses by using some of its features, such as copy trading, completing social media tasks, and so on. (See the screenshot below)

All tasks besides the Learn & Earn Reward, Simulated Trading Trial Funds, and Referral Bonus must be completed within 7 days after registration to qualify for rewards. Available rewards must also be claimed within 7 days, or else they become invalid.

Challenge tasks – For a Bonus of $4000+

This category is for serious traders who are into contract trading. In this category, you can get up to $4030 just by trading on Phemex.

And let’s be honest, if it is so easy to get $4000 for just joining a crypto exchange, the entire world will be flocking for it. To enjoy the $4000 welcome bonus by Phemex, here are the terms:

  • 1. Deposit ≥ $3,000,contract trading volume ≥$10,000 get $100 bonus;
  • 2. Deposit ≥ $10,000,contract trading volume ≥$50,000 get $350 bonus;
  • 3. Deposit ≥ $20,000,contract trading volume ≥$500,000 get $750 bonus;
  • 4. Deposit ≥ $100,000,contract trading volume ≥$2,000,000 get $4,000 bonus;

Note: Complete KYC verification within 7 days after registration, deposit crypto or purchase with fiat, transfer funds to your contract account, and ensure no withdrawal or transfer within 5 days after the deposit.

Note: The advance deposit bonus is only accessible when you make an on-chain crypto deposit or buy crypto via Phemex using fiat. Internal transfers within the platform do not count. The bonus will be distributed to your contract trading account within 14 working days after registration. Keep the funds deposited in your contract account until the trading bonus is distributed. Not applicable to API trading users.

This is to ensure that the reward is given to the users who are serious about using the Phemex platform as their main platform for crypto spot or contract trading. And we here at CoinSutra feel that this is pretty fair.

Phemex Sign Up Bonus FAQs

Phemex Bonus Withdrawal?

Bonuses cannot be directly withdrawn or transferred between trading accounts. Attempting to withdraw bonuses from your trading account directly will cause all remaining bonuses to be removed. These bonuses can be used against your fees and thus help you save much in the long run.

I have received the Phemex bonus rewards, what should I do next?

Claim the rewards within 7 days of receiving them, or else they will become invalid. Besides referral vouchers that expire in 30 days, all other vouchers are valid for 14 days after issuance. Bonuses have no validity period and won’t expire.

Phemex joining bonus terms & conditions

Here are a few important terms & conditions that you should be aware of –

  1. Simulated Trading Trial Funds and Referral Bonus must be completed within 7 days after registration to qualify for rewards
  2. Available rewards must be claimed within 7 days of the distribution
  3. All new users are eligible to receive rewards by participating in the Welcome Bonus.
  4. Besides referral vouchers that expire in 30 days, all other vouchers are valid for 14 days after issuance. Bonuses have no validity period and won’t expire.

Let me know if you have any questions about the Phemex welcome bonus or referral code. You can write to us at [email protected]

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