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Well, this resource will help you pick the top and professional trading terminal for your crypto trading activities.

Trading Terminal NameSupported ExchangesDesktop App📲 AppPricing⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Binance Trading Terminal1Free⭐️⭐️⭐️

What are crypto trading terminals?

Crypto trading terminals are software programs that offer advanced trading tools that may or may not be available on the trading terminals offered by a crypto exchange. With the help of a trading terminal, you can trade on multiple exchanges from a single piece of software, but it does not stop there. These trading terminals offer advanced trading tools like trailing stop loss, Dollar-cost averaging tools, different order types, to name a few.

Some of these trading terminals also come with a mobile app, making it easier for you to track your P&L of every single position you have taken. And, if you are into managing the exchange account of your friends, family, or client, it would make your life easier.

You can connect with any crypto exchange of your choice using a professional crypto trading terminal software using the API Key, and afterword, you don’t even have to log in to your exchange account. You must pick only a professional crypto trading software, which has invested a lot in the security and features so that your crypto exchange account remains secure.

Here I will be sharing only those top crypto trading terminal apps that offer above-average features and pay a great deal of attention to security. Using a sub-standard trading terminal tool might put your exchange account in general. More or less, you could try any of the available software and pick the one that matches your style.

What are the best crypto trading terminals?

Depending upon the kind of trader you are, you should pick a trading terminal of your choice. Some people are short-term traders, and many of them are swing traders; based on the features you may need, you should pick software for you.

Even though these are professional software, occasional traders can also take advantage of these tools to make their trading seamless and enjoy the advanced tools they offer.

A few of the trading terminals could be used for automating their trades, and I have dedicated articles on “crypto trading bots,” which cover such tools. For now, here are the best crypto trading terminals available in the market.

4 Best Professional Cryptocurrency Trading Terminals:

  1. 3Commas
  2. Altrady
  3. Binance desktop app
  4. Atani

1. 3Commas

3Commas is my go-to trading terminal which lets you connect with multiple exchanges. It offers a feature called “Smart trading terminal,” which is not provided by any other exchanges. While taking a trade, you can set “Step profit”, and the 3Commas will automatically book profit for you. Not only that, you could sell a cryptocurrency using 3Commas, and buy back automatically when the price hits your target. 3Commas is cloud-based, and you can access it on the web or via 3Commas mobile app.

What I like the most about 3Commas is their mobile app, which makes it easier to monitor your trade, and you could close your position anytime. They have a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Getting started with 3Commas is easy, as all you need to do is connect it with all your crypto exchanges account using the API key, and from here on, your could:


  • Monitor your entire portfolio
  • Monitor portfolio of specific exchanges
  • Take trade on any exchange
  • Trading journal – Add why you took a trade
  • Mobile app – Monitor your trades on the mobile
  • Automated trading – 3Commas also offers various bots that you can leverage to make extra money.

3Commas pricing:

3Commas is a suite of many tools, and if you are looking to use only the trading terminal feature, you should get their starter plan. You have a choice to upgrade your plan to any higher plan at any point in time. They also have a trial feature, which would let you try 3commas before you decide to buy.

Supported exchanges by 3Commas:

Here are exchanges that are supported by 3Commas smart trading terminal:

BittrexCoinbase PROOKEx
Binance DEXEXMOPoloniex

Pros and cons:


  • Advanced order types
  • Bots that could automate trading
  • Integrate with Telegram for notifications


  • Lack of signals
  • No desktop app

2. Altrady

Altrady is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange trading terminal tool available as a web version and a desktop version. This crypto trading tool is designed for beginners and expert traders. You can customize your dashboard and configure alerts based on your trading goals and strategies.

Using Altrady, you can trade on multiple exchanges from a single account and trade hundreds of currencies from their palm with Altrady’s mobile app.

You can access real-time updates, alerts, and charts from various exchanges from where you can buy different cryptocurrencies.

In this way, you will diversify even your exchanges by buying/selling different cryptocurrencies at different exchanges, reducing your risk of being exposed to one or two exchanges.

Featured of Altrady:

  • Smart Trading
  • Real-Time Market Data and Alerts
  • Multiple Exchanges
  • Scaled Ladders
  • Market Scanners
  • Desktop app (Also available on cloud)
  • Trading Analytics
  • Positions with P&L
  • Crypto Journaling
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Mobile apps
  • Coinigy import

These features don’t come for free as there is a standard fee for monthly and annual subscriptions but the trial version is available for a month free of cost.

Supported exchanges:

BittrexCoinbase ProOkex

Altrady pricing:

Altrady offers various plans, and IMO the best plan is the essential plan that offers features like Take profit, Trailing stop, Limit Ladder Order, and One-Cancel-the-Other Order. There is also a 30% discount on their annual plans, and you also get to try Altrady free for the first 14 days.

Pros and cons:


  • CryptoBaseScanner
  • Advanced order types
  • See positions with P&L


None at the moment

3. Binance Trading Terminal (Free)

Binance is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange volume-wise, and they also offer a desktop app that could be used as a trading terminal. Unlike other crypto trading terminal tools listed here, it can only be used for trading on Binance.

The app offers all the features you would want from your trading terminal tool and let you access all the trading tools of Binance, such as Spot market, margin, and futures market.

In a true sense, the Binance trading terminal is just an extension of the Binance web app with some cosmetic features. Still, anyone trading only on Binance and looking for a free trading terminal should look no further than the Binance desktop app. The app is available for both Windows and Mac and is free to download.


Free to use

Pros and cons:


  • Great for Binance users
  • Open multiple charts


  • It Can be used only for Binance
  • Extra features which you may not need in your trading terminal

4. Atani

Atani is a trading app that lets you trade on multiple crypto exchanges (22+) from a single app. You can trade like a pro with advanced orders: Stop Loss, Take Profit, OCO, and more. Atani is fully non-custodial, and they don’t have access to your funds or API key. The app connects with a crypto exchange using the API key. In the further section of this review, I have shared how to use the Atani app.

Features of Atani:

Before we look into the walkthrough of Atani, let’s have a look at some benefits and features of Atani.

  • Desktop app: Atani is available for all popular desktop operating systems, and they do have a watch-only mobile app as well.
  • Trading Terminal: You can trade on over 20+ exchanges using the Atani app.
  • Real-time Price Alert: You can set price alerts to get notified via push notifications, SMS, email, or call. This is a golden nugget for serious traders.
  • Non-Custodial: The platform is non-custodial, and API keys are encrypted and stored locally on your device leveraging military-grade encryption (AES-256). In the unlikely event that Atani gets hacked, attackers would not be able to access your funds.
  • Tax reporting: Atani automatically analyzes the history of spot trades at connected exchanges and generates an audited tax report that can be downloaded in just one click.
  • Free: At the time of writing this review, Atani is completely free to use. In the future, they plan to introduce a freemium model (ex: Spotify).

Supported exchanges:

Atani supports more than 20+ exchanges, and some of them are:

BittrexCEX.ioCoinbase Pro

Atani pricing:

The platform is free to use at the time of writing.

Pros and cons:


  • Desktop app
  • Web app
  • Free app


  • UI could be better
  • No mobile app
  • No 2FA makes it unsecure

Conclusion: Best Crypto Trading Terminal tools

Alright, so now we have more than three crypto trading terminal tools out there, and you can pick anyone based on your preference. I’m a big fan of 3Commas, and that’s what I like to use and recommend. However, anyone looking for a desktop version should stick with Altrady.

For those who are using Binance and looking for a free desktop terminal tool with essential features, the Binance trading terminal should be sufficient. Saying that, until you don’t use the Smart trading terminal of 3Commas, you would never know what you are missing out.

Now, it is your turn to let me know which crypto trading terminal are you using, and why? Share your recommendations in the comment section below, and make this resource the best guide for trading terminals in the entire space.

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