How To Buy Bitcoin On Coinbase [Complete Guide]

Bitcoin has become a real deal & many of netizens are yet to purchase their first bitcoin. In this guide, I will share every step you need to follow to Purchase your first bitcoin.

At the time of writing this guide, the Value of 1 Bitcoin is $19813.34. We are expecting the rate to reach $40000 by 2023 Q2. With the changing landscape of digital currency, it’s recommended to invest in Bitcoin at this time.

If you are paying attention to the Bitcoin industry, you would realize a lot of innovation is happening every day around Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency is now accepted as a preferred currency at many online stores.

For this guide, I’m showing you how to buy Bitcoin from Coinbase, which is a popular website to buy & sell Bitcoin. Coinbase is one of the most used websites in the USA, Europe, Singapore for Bitcoin purchases. They also offer a Bitcoin debit card which enables you to spend your crypto like fiat.

Unfortunately, it’s not available in all the countries of the world at this moment. If your country is not allowed to purchase Bitcoins on CoinBase, do comment and I will help you to find something appropriate for you.

Apart from Bitcoin, you can also buy Ethereum, Litecoin, DAI, USDC, and many more cryptoassets on CoinBase.


Beginners Guide to Buy Your First Bitcoin in the next 30 minutes:

Coinbase is the best website to buy Bitcoin. Users here are required to verify the identity. One more thing that makes Coinbase popular is apart from Bitcoin; you can also use it for Ethereum and other supported coins.

I will talk more about Coinbase features in an upcoming review, but to cut a long story short, it’s an reliable website.

With over 30 million users, this is one of the largest Bitcoin exchange on the planet.

Now, I will spare you the details & will show you all the steps to purchase the first Bitcoin. With the below link when you sign up and buy $100 of bitcoin or more, you’ll also earn $10 of free bitcoin!

  • The second step is to verify your email address. Open your Email, inbox you will see a verification email from Coinbase. Click on the link to complete the steps. Once verified, you can log in to your Coinbase account & the very first screen will be your dashboard as the screen shown below. ( The UI may change over the time)
  • Before we start making the transaction, lets first complete the profile. This shouldn’t take more than 4-5 minutes. Click on your profile at top right & go to settings.
  • The first thing you should enable is 2 step authentication. This will increase your account security to the great extent.

Go back to the Bitcoin dashboard & click on Buy & sell.


You need to verify your identity by either uploading your scanned copy or by using your Laptop camera. All you need to do is hold your ID (Passport, Driving license or any other Government approved ID) & your ID will be verified automatically online. This service is powered by Netverify by Jumio.


Select the ID that you want to use & follow the instructions to verify your ID.


Once your verification is done, you will be able to start buying & selling Bitcoin. The steps from here onwards are pretty simple & anyone who has ever made a transaction online should be able to complete the steps from here.

If you are in the United States, Europe, the UK, or Singapore, you should be able to purchase Bitcoin instantly using a Credit card.

Do let me know if you are stuck at any step while purchasing your first-ever Bitcoin.

If you find this tutorial useful, do share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter & Reddit.

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33 thoughts on “How To Buy Bitcoin On Coinbase [Complete Guide]”

  1. K.S.Balaji Venkatesh

    What is Ethereum and how does it differ from bitcoin?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Ethereum is also a digital currency like Bitcoin. It’s also popular & gaining momentum with time. Will be doing a detailed guide on Ethereum in the coming week.

  2. Pawan

    Hi Harsh, thanks for this article. I want to buy bitcoin through coinbase, at present I’m temporary staying outside my country. Is there any problem if I buy bitcoin from foreign country and I will return to my home country. Thank You

  3. Anchal bansal

    that’s nice. Got idea about how to buy bitcoin using coinbase.
    keep going!!

  4. Sandeep Kedia

    As I opened my Coinbase account just now, I am finding no option to verify my identity. But I am seeing that you verified yours. How can I verify for myself.

  5. Kunal

    Hi Harsh,

    wanted to know if it is feasible to Transfer BTC from online coinbase to Ledger Nano S
    is it easy, not too much of a headache?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Its easy. However, Coinbase is not open for Indians at this moment.

      1. Kunal

        Hi Harsh,

        I am currently in canada, hence was able to buy , but not sure how to sell bitcoin or is it a good idea to use coinbase from canada. Also if you have any experience in selling bitcoins for cash/for withdrawing money, could you please put a light on it as well.


  6. Nitin kumar

    Hi Harsh,

    I got the following error

    Country Not Supported
    Coinbase does not currently support buys in your country. Subscribe to our blog to be notified when we add support for your country!

  7. Soumen Siddhanta

    Can I buy bitcoin from coinbase and sale into zebpay via ” ” ? And will it profitable or not?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      If you are from India, you can’t buy Bitcoins from CoinBase yet.

  8. Divi Srinivas

    nice articel but,i think indians can not buy from coin base because it is not operatiing in India,am i right? you can only use their wallet

  9. Soumen Siddhanta

    Hi Harsh can you suggest some free bitcoin mining websites?

  10. Pedro Latouche

    Companies registered in Coinbase? I am registering a company to send remittances to relatives, using bitcoin. And the company is currently registering.

  11. Nikhilesh

    coinbase is not allowing indian account to trade
    How can I register there?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      I was able to register but unable to trade. I hope they add India to their list sometime in the near future.

  12. Tom

    I could not find on coinbase where to set up my personalized URL. As it is now November 2017 and your article was written in 2016, perhaps the site has been changed…

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Tom, maybe they have removed this feature.

  13. Karen yeem

    Hi Harsh, found your coinsutra writeup article to be very informative TQ m from Brunei retired senior have not invested in bitcoin yet .iread your coin base registration need to verify my ID m lost how to do it have purchased the walletfrom your coin sutra page waiting now for it to arrive .can I use PayPal to buy first later transfer to the wallet .?tq Regards, Karen

    1. Sudhir Khatwani

      Yes you can purchase it from Paypal also and then transfer it anywhere.

      1. Karen

        Hi SUDHIR,TQ Appreciate your prompt reply .Can I buy $100.00 under you and another $100.00 under HARSH so both of you can get 10 bitcoin for referral commission Can I have your private email.? TQ YOURS RESPECTFULLY ,Karen

  14. Purushottam Gupta

    1.which is the best platform in India to buy and sell Bitcoin for beginners?
    2. What options are there other then Bitcoin for purchase and sell?
    3. Please guide me coz I am a beginner in this field and started seeking about crypto currency.
    So tell me more about this.

    1. Sudhir Khatwani

      Hey Welcome @Purushottam
      1. You can buy your Bitcoins from this list of services in India –
      2. Other than Buying and selling the other option is hold Bitcoin ina Secure wallet like Ledger Nano S. Which we also do and recommend.
      3. CoinSutra’s all blog posts will help you know everything that is important and matters. So please go through them one by one and you can join our forum as well Telegram for more updates.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  15. Mona Bouknight

    Hi Harsh, I tried to sign up through Coinbase last week. Had already linked my bank account and was trying to link a credit card when they stopped me in my tracks with a message, “We are closing your account!” I tried sending an email to their support team but have yet to hear back from them. Moving on. Who would you recommend besides Coinbase? Thanks for your help!

  16. Temitope

    Good afternoon, I’m in Nigeria and interested in buying bitcoin. I need your advice on how to go about it. I have a mycelium account on my Android phone already, is there anyway I can buy a bitcoin bit by bit, because I got to understand that a bitcoin is like 6,587 70 dollars as displayed on my mycelium wallet application. That’s a huge sum of money in Nigeria’s currency. Is there anyway I can buy bit by bit like fractions of the bitcoin like between 10 dollars and 20 dollars equivalent in Naira? till it grows to the value of 1 bitcoin?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hi temitope

      You need not buy a full bitcoin you can but it in fractions like 0.1 BTC, 0.2 BTC and from here you can do it in your Nigerian currency.

      1. Temitope

        Thanks very much for the exposition. I have been able to buy some fractions of bitcoin on The next thing now is, I want to know how to transfer this bitcoin from wallet to wallet. For example from my localbitcoins wallet to mycelium wallet.

  17. Temitope

    Thanks very much for the exposition. I have been able to buy some fractions of bitcoin on The next thing now is, I want to know how to transfer this bitcoin from wallet to wallet. For example from my localbitcoins wallet to mycelium wallet.

  18. Puneet

    I received bitcoin in my Coinbase account and I get to know that they don’t allow me to withdraw as I’m from India. What should I do now? My money is stuck now.

  19. Crypto Redeemer

    Wish coin base was available in Nigerian 😔 wish to purchase directly from coin base because of their rates.

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