TWT Crypto Token Fundamental Analysis – Should You Invest In this?

  • What is Trust Wallet Token (TWT)?
  • Is Trust Wallet Token (TWT) a good investment?
  • Where can you buy Trust Wallet Token (TWT)?

I have talked about Trust wallet before, and also made a detailed video guide for the same. I do feel that an essential portion of the cryptocurrency industry is devoted to the security and custody of various crypto assets. In this regard, several solutions have emerged in the last few years. One of the best amongst them is non-custodial decentralized wallets that give complete autonomy and control to the asset holder. This report features one such wallet token that our team has personally used for months now, Trust Wallet and its native token Trust Wallet Token (TWT).

Trust wallet is a non-custodial decentralized crypto mobile wallet. The wallet code is open source and supports several blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, and many more. It simply allows a user to buy, store, exchange and earn crypto.

Trust wallet is much better in security than typical exchange wallets as here private keys to the assets are held by the user only. Moreover, the wallet has an inbuilt decentralized exchange on the platform. This improves the reliability of the whole wallet ecosystem.

The wallet is a web3 browser that is integrated with many Decentralised Apps (DApps). Thus, giving you access to several staking and other DeFi features. You can read all about Trust wallet in our earlier review.

Trust Wallet is a whole crypto ecosystem in itself. It supports around 40 blockchains along with more than 1,60,000 different assets. The major supported blockchains are as follows:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Avalanche
  • Thorchain
  • Filecoin
  • Solana

What is TWT – Trust Wallet Token?

TWT (Trust Wallet Token) is an in-house governance token of Trust Wallet available in two token standards, i.e., BEP2 token (Binance Chain) and BEP20 token (Binance Smart Chain).

The token can be used for the internal governance of the wallet ecosystem and can be used to avail various discounts on wallet services. Further, it can be staked to earn passive income on the investment.

Use case of TWT (Trust Wallet Token)

The use cases of TWT are as follows:

  1. Governance

TWT (Trust Wallet Token) is the only governance tool of the Trust Wallet. A token holder can participate in decision making on the following matters:

  • Adding new blockchain support to the wallet,
  • Adding new tokens to the wallet,
  • Adding new features to the wallet
  1. Discount

Users are eligible for a discount on DEX services and purchasing crypto within the app. However, instructions for availing of these discounts are not available.

  1. Staking

TWT can be staked on many Decentralised applications (DApps) to earn staking rewards.

  1. Liquidity Pool

TWT can be deposited to the liquidity pools of a Decentralised exchange.

TWT (Trust Wallet Token) token economy and supply

Maximum Supply90 Billion
Tokens burned89 Billion
Adjusted Maximum Supply1 Billion
Circulating Supply346.95 Million (34.70% of Maximum Supply)
Market Cap (USD)USD 164.99 Million
Market Price (USD)USD 0.4760
24 Hour Volume (USD)USD 19.02 Million

In October 2020, Trust Wallet integrated with Binance Smart Chain and simultaneously decided to burn 89 Billion TWT tokens which were not yet issued. The move for burning almost 99% of the Maximum Supply was made to improve the tokenomics of TWT.

As a result, TWT had less than 1% of Maximum Supply in circulation; now, it is 34.70%.

TWT Token Supply

The total supply of TWT token is distributed as follows:

ParticularsNo. of TokensPercentage
Reserve Wallet300 Million30%
New User Acquisition83 Million8.3%
Developers150 Million15%
Community reward for Existing users120 Million12%
Market Circulation347 Million34.7%

30% of TWT total supply has been reserved in a wallet whose distribution is not yet decided. Other than this, 8.3% of the total supply is reserved for the acquisition of new users, 12% for rewarding existing users and 15% for developers.

TWT - Token Supply

There is no schedule for how the platform would issue these reserve tokens.

Where can you buy TWT (Trust Wallet Token)?

TWT (Trust Wallet Token) is listed on several exchanges. The list can be referred to as follows:

Limitations of TWT (Trust Wallet Token)

Following are the possible limitations of TWT (Trust Wallet Token):

  • There are limited use cases for the token,
  • Trust Wallet ecosystem does not have a revenue model. Therefore there is no direct benefit of holding TWT except as an asset for speculation,
  • The team has yet to give a roadmap.

Is Trust Wallet Token (TWT) a good investment?

With the higher adoption of Cryptocurrencies and more than 10Million+ downloads (Google play store), #11 in Finance (Apple app store), trust wallet is gaining momentum. The token utility is minimal at the time of writing this, but this could change with time. Especially as SFP has done with its initial wallet offerings, Trust wallet could easily pull the same trick and make its token value. Another reason I’m bullish on such wallet tokens is because they are not only limited to storing crypto-assets; it is a crypto market ecosystem in itself. Features like staking, swap, coin exchange, and operating as validators for other projects make them valuable in the ecosystem. 

Even Google’s trend shows how popular the Trust wallet is becoming, saying that it is not a sure-shot investment. The lack of a roadmap creates uncertainty about the founding team’s plans for the platform and TWT. The founder Viktor Radchenko further increased this uncertainty by saying that “Trust Wallet’s Token is about Education”.

Trust Wallet - Google Trends

Everything looks good related to the Trust wallet, but we can’t ignore how competitive the crypto wallet market is, which is a risk IMO. However, considering Trust wallet (hence TWT token) is a part of the Binance ecosystem, and the distribution was near fair, it possibly has a more significant upside. 

Before investing in TWT token, I suggest you get connected with the team on Telegram and as hard-hitting questions related to the future roadmap and revenue stream of the Trust wallet.  

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