What Is A VPN Kill Switch & Why Does It Matter?

vpn kill switch

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If you believe that your ISP provider or service that use to browse the internet cares about your privacy, well that’s just not true.

All internet companies need your browsing data and your information so that they can understand more about you in order to serve related ads and make more money.

It’s mandatory that you protect your privacy by hiding your browsing patterns and I.P. address.

The best way to do this is by using a no logs VPN“. 

In particular, if you are into Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, P2P networks, political talks, or other sensitive areas of work, you should definitely use a VPN service to browse the internet.

In the coming days, we will be sharing everything you need to know about VPNs so that you can protect yourself from prying eyes.

In order to pick the right VPN service, you need to understand some VPN terminologies. If you pick any random VPN, you will end up exposing your IP and your browsing activities to the government or to your ISP.

So let’s protect ourselves.

Sound good?

In this article, we will learn about VPN killswitches.

Whenever you start shopping for a good VPN service, you will come across this term.

What is a VPN Killswitch & How Does It Work?

A VPN killswitch is a technique used to terminate the internet connection when the connection between your VPN and the server fails. This is done to protect you from exposing your IP address.

Imagine that you are connected to a site via a VPN. Even though most VPNs offer 99.99% uptime, the connection between you and the VPN server drops. What happens then?

The site you are browsing will be directly connected to you and can log your IP address. This could be fatal for your privacy.

That’s what a VPN killswitch does. It “kills” the internet connection so no sensitive data leaks out.

Some VPNs with this feature are:

When the killswitch is engaged, nothing can connect to the internet.

When the connection with the VPN drops for any reason, the killswitch will be activated automatically. Here is a screenshot from the NordVPN settings panel where you can add apps to the killswitch:

NordVPN settings panel

This is an essential feature for any good VPN service to prevent your IP address from being exposed to the world.

If you are serious about your security, you should make sure to pick a VPN client with this kill switch feature.

In the coming days, I will share more about VPNs and other security measures to help you protect your privacy online.

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