4 Best Working Bybit VPN – How To Access Bybit in Disallowed Countries (2024)

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NordVPN550060✓ No-Logs VPN
✓ Secure encryption
✓ Connect up to 6 devices
✓ 24/7 Customer Support
✓ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
VyprVPN70078✓ No-Logs VPN
✓ DNS Leak Protection
✓ Connect up to 10 devices
✓ 24/7 Customer Support
✓ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Express VPN3000+94✓ No-Logs VPN
✓ Data protected by AES-256
✓ Connect up to 5 devices
✓ Live Chat Support 24/7
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PureVPN6500+70✓ No-Logs VPN
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So you planned to travel to USA and started using your favourite app for crypto trading, and you noticed the warning saying “Your IP is restricted” and you can’t use the Bybit to trade. You might be wondering what’s happening and how you can safely use and trade on Bybit in the USA.

Note: Bybit is now allowed for citizens of USA. If you are caught using Bybit as a USA citizens, your funds could be frozen. This Bybit VPN guide is written for users who are citizen of Bybit allowed countries and travelling to USA for business or pleasure reasons. This article is for educational purposes, and you should comply with your local laws.

Well, this guide to use Bybit in the USA using a VPN will be your guide enable you to trade using Bybit in the USA. Just for your info, you can use this guide to trade on Binance too. 

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But, let’s understand the most important thing first:

Why there is a restrictions on US citizens from using Bybit?

US requires most of the crypto exchanges to be KYC (Know your customer) compliant and follow AML (Anti-money laundering) regulations. In some USA states, it is required for these exchanges to take licenses. However, many crypto exchanges was not compliant with these regulations requirement and decided to not offer their services to the USA citizens, and thus banned the IP’s from USA to access their platform. 

Therefore if you are a USA citizen or a resident, you are unable to access many of the world’s top crypto exchanges, including Bybit.  USA is one of the banned countries for Bybit, and since Bybit blocks users based on their location, you cannot access, register or trade on Bybit.

However, many users who travel to USA has added that by changing their IP to another Bybit allowed country, you should be able to access Bybit. All you need to do is, connect to a VPN server in Europe or Asia and you can bypass the Geoblocks placed.

How to use Bybit in the USA in easy steps:

Here are easy steps to access and trade on Bybit from the USA.

  • Download any VPN that let you access Bybit
  • Switch on the VPN and select countries that allow access and trading on Bybit. For Example, UAE, India, and others
  • Once your IP is changed to other countries (takes about a few seconds of selecting the country in VPN and switching it on)
  • You can safely access Bybit and trade on it

The best part, you don’t have to disable VPN, as these Bybit VPN let you access all your website including streaming and chatting sites. However, I like to disable the VPN after using Bybit for a smoother experience.

What is a VPN:

VPN is an app that is available for desktop and mobile both. Using VPN you can bypass the Geo-blocks placed by any app. VPN stands for virtual private network, and it is one of the most used types of software on the internet. By using VPN, you hide your internet activity from your internet service provider, and access websites and apps which are usually not allowed in your country. 

How easy or tough it is to use a VPN:

It is very easy to use a VPN, and for the first time, it might take 3-5 minutes for you to understand how to use a VPN, and then it would be simpler every time.  I have already published a detailed tutorial on how to use NordVPN.

How does a VPN work:

Now, before we talk about the best Bybit VPN’s, lets understand how a VPN works. When you use a VPN network, you’re using an encrypted IP address rather than your real IP address. The VPN software that you will use, creates a secure tunnel between your computer and the VPN server which is located outside your geographical location. 

Your internet activity is hidden, as all the websites or app that you use will be using a VPN server which is in some other country. One important thing you should know is, you need to manually select the VPN server location every time you enable the VPN software.  However, this process is super simple, and you would realize it when you use any of the VPN software listed in this Bybit VPN guide. 

How to use a VPN to access Bybit?

The very first thing you need to do is, find a VPN that is suitable for Bybit.

There are a few features that I care most about when selecting the best Bybit VPN.

  • Use a No logs VPN: A No logs VPN as name implies does not keep a log of websites that you have browsed or services that you have used. This is very useful to preserve your privacy, and avoid any regulatory trouble in the future.
  • Kill switch should be available: This feature disconnects the internet automatically when the connection between your computer or mobile and VPN server is interrupted or terminated.
  • Multiple server location: Select a VPN for Bybit which allows you to select between multiple server locations.
A Bybit VPN with multiple server location

How to get around a VPN Block?

If you’re using a free VPN service, you may occasionally run into issues where your IP address gets blocked by the provider. To get around this problem, you need to pay for the paid version of your VPN service provider. The premium services include bypassing VPN blocks by continually updating VPN addresses.

Top VPN’s for Bybit:

Here are the top VPN’s for Bybit that you should be using. 

Best Bybit VPN with Kill-switch feature:

Best Bybit VPN’s with No logs VPN:

Which is the best VPN app for Bybit:

NordVPN and ProtonVPN are two best VPN for Bybit to access and trade in the USA. They are available for both desktop and mobile, and you can either use Bybit app on your mobile or browse the Bybit website in USA using these two best Bybit VPN software.

Is it safe for you to use a VPN to crypto trade on Bybit?

Yes, it is safe to use VPN for crypto trading as it safeguard your internet activities from hackers and preying eyes, thus keeping your secure.

Is Bybit legal in the USA?

USA is in the disallowed country list for the Bybit, as the regulatory requirement for a crypto exchange to operate in USA is very high. However, if you are traveling to the USA and you are not a US citizen, you can use a VPN to access the Bybit. If you are from USA, you can check these digital assets exchanges in USA.

Does Bybit requires KYC?

You can use Bybit without KYC to a certain limit, and some features like Bybit earn will not be available for non KYC users. To access all the features of Bybit, you should considering completing Bybit KYC.

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