Cryptocurrency Exchange Rating Methodology by CoinSutra

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At CoinSutra, we thoroughly research and evaluate cryptocurrency exchanges to provide our readers with fair and objective rankings. Our ranking system is based on a 100-point scale, with exchanges scoring points across eight key categories:

Regulation (15 points)

Proper regulation and compliance provide legitimacy and security for exchange users. We award up to 15 points for regulatory compliance and licenses such as:

  • Registered as a Money Services Business with FinCEN (5 points)
  • Licensed to operate in relevant jurisdictions (5 points)
  • Compliant with KYC/AML regulations (5 points)

Security (15 points)

User assets must be properly safeguarded. We award up to 15 points for security features including:

  • Proof of reserve (5 points)
  • Majority assets held in cold storage (3 points)
  • Insurance for assets (3 points)
  • Strong cybersecurity practices like 2FA, encryption, bug bounties, etc. (4 points)

Here are official bug bounties page listed by many of the reviewed exchanges:

Supported Currencies (10 points)

More asset options provide greater utility for traders. We award up to 10 points based on the number and variety of supported crypto and fiat currencies.

Trading Fees (15 points)

Lower fees enable users to keep more of their capital. We award up to 15 points based on competitiveness of trading, deposit, and withdrawal fees.

Ease of Use (10 points)

An intuitive user experience is critical for mainstream adoption. We award up to 10 points based on beginner-friendliness, interface design, and navigation.

Mobile App

Many crypto exchanges provide mobile apps for Android and iOS systems. Exchanges with apps on Google Play and the App Store receive better scores from us than platforms that only support web apps.

Liquidity (10 points)

Higher liquidity facilitates better price discovery, less slippage and faster order execution. We award up to 10 points based on trading volumes and liquidity metrics.

Customer Support (15 points)

Prompt support provides a smooth user experience. We award up to 15 points based on quality and availability of customer support via channels like email, phone, ticketing, live chat, telegram etc.

Availability (10 points)

Global accessibility enables more users to join the ecosystem. We award up to 10 points based on number of supported countries, languages, and payment methods.

The total points earned by an exchange across these categories will determine their ranking on our list. We aim to provide the most comprehensive and impartial cryptocurrency exchange rankings to help our readers find the best platforms for their needs.

We keep improving our crypto exchanges ranking methodology and point system, as industry is evolving. If you would like to contribute or suggest ideas, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]

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