7 Best Crypto DEX Aggregator in 2024

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DEX AggregatorDescription and No. of Token Pairs
1. Rango ExchangeMaximum pair (Supports 42+ blockchains)
2. 1Inch2491
3. JupiterSolana Dex Aggregator
3. ParaSwap144
4. Open Ocean88
5. Orion ProtocolNot Identifiable
6. MatchaNot Identifiable
Best DEX Aggregators List

Crypto Industry is growing and evolving every day. So much so that now authorities worldwide want to regulate it.

Further, centralized crypto exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance are notching up their KYC policies which are getting stricter with every passing hour. This restricts a user from using their funds freely in the market. This can potentially take out the essence of the whole industry, which is decentralized and authority-less at the moment.

The exchanges which are less affected by these circumstances are Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). A DEX allows you to buy crypto assets and keep full custody of your funds while maintaining complete anonymity. Thus, they are a safe and more reliable method of purchasing cryptocurrencies. Have a look at our Best DEX List here.

However, these exchanges may have a high transaction fee or slippage. Further, with a new DEX coming into the market almost every week, investors find it challenging to find a suitable DEX with good liquidity.

This is where a DEX aggregator comes into the picture. A DEX aggregator can find crypto at the best price and with the lowest transaction cost and slippage.

How does a DEX aggregator work?

Like Google Flights or Expedia, where you can choose the best flight deals for traveling, on a DEX aggregator, you can select the best deal for buying or selling a crypto token. It is like a search engine for DEXs.

A DEX aggregator sources liquidity from various DEXs and offers a better price and fee than a single DEX.

Thus, we have collated a list of top DEX aggregators for 2024.

Best DEX Aggregators for 2024

The list of our best DEX aggregators is as follows:

Let us understand these DEX aggregators one at a time.

1. Rango Exchange – Best Multi-Chain DEX Aggregator

If you are looking for one reliable option, Rango exchange is what you should bookmark. It sources liquidity from all the popular decentralised exchanges and aggregators, such as 1inchexchange.

What is unique about Rango.exchange is, it lets you swap cross-chain tokens, which is one of the unique feature. It supports all popular wallets as shown in the screenshot below.

For anyone looking to permissionless swap tokens, Rango exchange will help you do that, and at the lowest cost possible. There is no need for KYC, and you are always in control of your funds.

2. 1Inch Exchange

1Inch Exchange - DEX Aggregator
1Inch Exchange – DEX Aggregator

1Inch Exchange is the No. 1 DEX aggregator in the crypto market. It sources its liquidity from various DEXs and liquidity pools and has better liquidity than any individual DEX.

The exchange offers 2491 different pairs of crypto tokens. These tokens are available to you at the best price with the least slippage cost.

To reduce the impact of the Ethereum Gas fee, you can use the in-house token of the platform called Chi Token. The exchange offers a mobile app, which makes it easier for anyone to swap tokens with the comfort of a smartphone.

In addition to this, the exchange does not charge any fee for sale, purchase, or withdrawal of funds. However, the individual DEX from which an order has been sourced may charge its respective trading fee.

1Inch exchange can not only be used to buy or sell your crypto assets but can also be used for Yield Farming by providing liquidity to the liquidity pools.

1Inch Exchange Supported Wallets
Wallets Supported by 1Inch Exchange

Further, the platform supports the following four networks at the moment:

  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon
  • Optimism

Not only this, but the exchange also supports 16 different wallets, including hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor, which gives you the most secure transaction experience on the platform.

The platform has an in-house token called 1Inch, which is used for the platform’s governance through a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

You can refer 1Inch Exchange’s trade statistics here.

3. Jupiter – Best DEX Aggregator on Solana

Jupiter is the top DEX Aggregator on Solana blockchain. It sources liquidity from multiple Solana DEX such as Orca, Raydium to name a few.

What makes Jupiter unique is the innovation they have brought in the DEX ecosystem.

Features of Jupiter DEX:

  • Quick Swap from one token to another
  • Place Limit order
  • DCA Order (You will love this feature)
  • Solana bridge
  • Perpetual exchange

Jupiter is also planning to launch their token sometime in January 2024, and as activity on Solana is soaring, Jupiter seems to be placed at becoming no#1 choice for DEX users on Solana blockchain.

4. ParaSwap

Paraswap DEX aggregator
ParaSwap DEX aggregator

ParaSwap is another leading DEX aggregator which is similar to 1Inch Exchange. It sources liquidity from different liquidity pools and DEXs. In addition to this, the platform also has an in-house liquidity pool called ParaSwapPool.

ParaSwap does not charge any transaction fee for buying or selling crypto tokens. This means that for trade, only the network’s applicable gas fee is payable by the trader. 

However, this is only the case when a transaction is processed through ParaSwap.io. If a trade is made through a third-party service, then such a third party (for example, an integrated wallet such as Ledger) may charge an additional fee on the trade.

The exchange offers 144 different pairs of crypto tokens. These tokens are available to you at the best price with the least slippage cost.

The platform supports the following three networks at the moment:

  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon
Wallets Supported by ParaSwap
Wallets Supported by ParaSwap

The exchange also supports four different wallets, including the Ledger hardware wallet, giving you the most secure transaction experience. And a cherry on the top for Ledger wallet users, ParaSwap is also supported by the Ledger Live application.

You can refer ParaSwap’s trade statistics here.

5. OpenOcean

OpenOcean Exchange – DEX Aggregator

OpenOcean is the first full aggregator of the crypto market, which sources liquidity from various available DEXs and the Centralized Exchanges (CEX). This provides a user with the overall best price with the least possible slippage.

Binance is the first CEX to integrate with OpenOcean making it the first complete market aggregator.

6. OpenOcean
Liquidity Aggregation by OpenOcean Exchange

The platform can be used not only for trading but also for Yield Farming, Lending, and Insurance.

The exchange offers 143 different pairs of crypto tokens. These tokens are available to you at the best price with the least slippage cost.

Further, OpenOcean supports the following nine networks at the moment:

  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Ontology
  • Tron
  • Solana
  • Polygon
  • Heco
  • OKExChain
  • Avalanche

The platform has an in-house token OOE which can be used for the governance of the platform. Further, OOE can be used for liquidity mining.

7. OpenOcean
Exchanges Integrated with OpenOcean

6. Orion Protocol

Orion Protocol Exchange – DEX Aggregator

Orion Protocol is similar to OpenOcean and strives to aggregate all the DEXs and CEXs across the crypto-verse. This improves the overall liquidity of the platform.

The platform has renowned brokers such as:

  • Injective
  • AscendEx
  • KuCoin
  • MEXC, etc.

The platform currently supports the following two networks:

  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain

Further, Orion Protocol supports four different wallets, including hardware wallets Ledger and Trezor, which improves the transaction security:

Orion Protocol Wallets
Networks and Wallets Supported by Orion Protocol

Orion Protocol has an in-house governance token called ORN, which is used for the platform’s governance. In addition to this, ORN tokens can be used for staking and liquidity mining.

You can refer to Orion Protocol’s trade statistics here.

7. Matcha

Matcha Exchange – DEX Aggregator

Matcha is a DEX aggregator developed by 0x Labs. The platform is built on the Ethereum network and allows users to have the best price of crypto assets from various liquidity sources.

Matcha is a reasonably secure platform to use. Matcha uses the 0x v4 smart contracts duly audited by ConsenSys Diligence, a top blockchain company. You can refer to the audit results here.

You refer to the list of DEXs integrated with Match here.

11. Matcha
Network Supported by Matcha Exchange

The platform supports the following three networks at the moment:

  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon

In addition to this, Matcha currently supports the following four wallets:

Wallets Supported by Matcha Exchange

The platform does not charge any fee from the user in addition to the network gas fee and liquidity provider’s trading fee (if any).

Conclusion – Best DEX Aggregator for 2024

So, that is it for the list of the best DEX aggregators in the market. A DEX aggregator would allow you to keep full custody of your funds and give you the best price in the market.

The most secure way to use a DEX aggregator is with a hardware wallet, such as Ledger Nano X or Trezor. If you are just starting, then start with 1Inch Exchange or ParaSwap.

If you use the Ledger Live application (in-house application of Ledger Wallet), then ParaSwap will provide you with the smoothest transaction experience.

I hope this post will help you identify a suitable DEX aggregator. In case you have questions or feedback, then let us know in the comments section.

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