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If you know of Binance or KuCoin, you should definitely learn about Bybit.

Bybit is a centralized crypto exchange whose headquarter is in Dubai, UAE. 🇦🇪

They have been around for more than 4 years, and they are one of the top 3 crypto exchanges by volume, that offers bespoke services to VIP crypto traders and investors. At the same time, there service is loved by beginners and advanced users alike.

The advanced trading features added by Bybit in the past few years is what makes Bybit stand out among it’s competition. The real power of Bybit is staying close to the community, and integrate new features based on community needs. For example features like Sub-account on Bybit, Bybit grid bot.

These days, most of the Crypto trading tools offer integration with Bybit, which is a statement on the popularity of Bybit exchange. However, whenever I compare Binance with Bybit, I do miss a dedicated Bybit desktop app for Mac or Windows.

If you remember, Binance offers a dedicated desktop app that makes trading a breeze for crypto traders. However, if you are looking for something similar for Bybit, you will be mildly disappointed, as they don’t offer a native desktop app. 🫤

Hey, but nothing to be sad about, as here at CoinSutra, we understand the pain of a fellow trader and offer solutions that make their trading fun and profitable. And today, in this article, I will share alternative solutions for the dedicated Bybit desktop app.

Before that, if you are new to Bybit, you should check out my review of the Bybit exchange. And use the link below to signup to enjoy Bybit welcome bonus.

Bybit Desktop App – Best Solutions

1. Altrady –


Altrady is the #1 desktop solution for trading on the Bybit exchange.

This app is available on desktop, mobile, and also on the cloud. Once you have downloaded and installed the Altrady app on your desktop, you can connect with Bybit exchange to your Altrady account using the API feature of Bybit.
Here is a video tutorial that explains how to create an API key on Bybit :

Altrady is a crypto trading tool offering many advanced order types, making trading more profitable.
Apart from remarkable features like smart trades, step orders, and support for trading on multiple exchanges, you can also take advantage of the automated trading module of Altrady.

You can run a grid bot using Altrady on Bybit; the features here are something to applaud for. Altrady is not a free tool, but they offer a generous 14-day free trial to test all the features.
Once you have tested and liked the features of Altrady, you can always get an affordable subscription for a serious crypto trader.

And if you like Altrady, you should check out my earlier guide on best crypto trading tools to discover similar amazing tools.

Conclusion – Bybit Desktop app

I will continue monitoring the world of crypto exchanges and trading tools to find out new and share-worthy Bybit desktop apps. For now, do check out Altrady, and let me know your thoughts after testing it out.

If you are using any other desktop trading tool to trade on Bybit, let me know in the comment section below.

Here is a beginner Bybit video that you should watch next :

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