How & Where To Buy Bitcoin Cash [BCH]

It started with one Bitcoin. Today we have more than 20 different forked versions of Bitcoins available in the cryptosphere!

Ever wondered why?

Well, let me explain.

It is precisely because many people around the world are not happy with what Bitcoin is today.

Therefore, they want to tweak the original Bitcoin protocol in their own way.

But that is not how a truly decentralized cryptocurrency works. To change a decentralized protocol like Bitcoin, one needs to attain a clear consensus amongst the community to implement any change.

Failure to which the change is discarded and never applied to it.

And that’s where it gets interesting. As one was not able to attain clear consensus for a change the natural way was to fork Bitcoin and make a new tweaked version and label it with some another name called the Hard Fork.

Bitcoin has thus undergone so many hard forks but only one fork has really gained traction around the world – Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

CoinSutra has covered everything about Bitcoin Cash in detail in the past. Therefore, we will not go there again. However, we would like to reiterate the fact that Bitcoin Cash is not the original Bitcoin as propagated by many artists.

Having said that, as long as BCH doesn’t attack Bitcoin, it is a cryptocurrency that interests many and quite a decent number of investors are always wanting to invest in it.

That’s why in this post I will share how and where to buy Bitcoin Cash.

How To Buy Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is the most popular Bitcoin fork to date. That is why it has been incorporated into many exchange services for investors to buy BCH without any hassle.

Despite that, many still don’t know about all the ways in which they can buy BCH. Here are some of the popular ways:

  • Buy BCH using credit/debit cards
  • Buy BCH for cash
  • Buy BCH from bank deposits or wire transfers
  • Buy BCH using other cryptos
  • Buy BCH using BTC/ETH
  • Buy BCH from decentralized exchanges
  • Buy BCH from peer-to-peer sources

Now, the only problem is, once you know all these ‘how-to’ ways, you just need to know ‘where to’ go and use these for buying BCH.

Where To Buy Bitcoin Cash

1. Buy BCH using credit/debit cards

Using credit/debit cards is the easiest way to buy any cryptocurrency. Fortunately, there are services that let one buy BCH using cards. Some of these popular services are:

Another important thing is that you need to do a full KYC before using these services. Therefore, the earlier you start, the faster you will be able to buy BCH. You can also check out our extensive guide on how to buy cryptos using Review.

2. Buy BCH For Cash [peer-to-peer sources]

Buying BCH for cash is easy but you just need to know the right services providing this functionality. Moreover, these are peer-to-peer transactions so one doesn’t need to worry about fraud as you can meet the other party yourself. Let’s check out some of the services that can help you in this regard:

Crypto ATMs are another good way to get hold of your BCH. To find an ATM nearby you, visit


3. Buy BCH From Bank Deposits Or Wire Transfers

You can also buy BCH from fiat currencies by funding your fiat linked crypto wallets with fiat currencies like GBP, USD, EUR etc.

Some trusted services that allow you to do that to buy BCH are:

4. Buy BCH using Altcoins or BTC

You can directly exchange altcoins or BTC for BCH via quick swapping services or through centralized exchanges. Here are some of those popular services.

  • Changelly (Instant purchase)Read how to use Changelly here.
  • Binance: Supported pairs are BCH/BTC, BCH/ETH, BCH/USDT
  • Bitfinex: Supported pairs are BCH/BTC, BCH/ETH, BCH/USD


There are plenty of ways through which one can buy BCH. But despite the ease of buying/selling, what needs to be understood is BCH is not Bitcoin.

However, we also understand that as an investor, money is important, whether you are trading BTC or BCH. That is why we have listed some the popular services that lets one buy/sell BCH easily in the way one desires.

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