8 Best Multi Cryptocurrency Wallets (2024)

Multi Crypto WalletsKey Features
1. Trust Wallet✓ Multi-crypto Mobile wallet
✓ Supports 4.5M+ digital assets
✓ 60 million+ Userbase
✓ Private and Secure
✓ Browser for DApps
2. SafePal Wallet App✓ Fastest-growing Mobile wallet app
✓ Multiple crypto wallet management
✓ Top-tier security
✓ NFT storage
✓ Cross-platform
3. Exodus✓ Popular Desktop & Mobile wallet
✓ Manage 260+ Crypto assets & NFTs
✓ Built-in Trezor security (Hardware wallet)
✓ Manage multiple portfolios
✓ Multichain Web3 Wallet
4. XDEFi✓ Multichain Web wallet
✓ Store, swap, send across 30 chains
✓ Access all dApps
✓ Non-custodial & decentralised wallet
✓ Migrate any wallet to XDEFI Wallet
5. Coinomi✓ Multi-platform wallet
✓ Supports 1770+ blockchain assets
✓ Enhanced privacy & anonymity
✓ Never been hacked or compromised
✓ Multiple languages support
6. Ledger Nano S Plus✓ Most popular Hardware wallet
✓ Supports over 5500 Digital assets
✓ DApps support
✓ Multiple layer advanced security
✓ Install up to 100 apps

Order Nano S Plus Wallet
7. Trezor✓ Popular Hardware wallet
✓ Supports 1400+ Digital assets
✓ Password manager
✓ Secure electronic chip

Order Trezor Wallet
8. CoinPayments✓ Multi-Coin web wallet
✓ Supports 2310+ Digital assets
✓ Crypto Vault provide additional security

The world of cryptocurrencies is constantly expanding, bringing in more users every day, thereby making the crypto space more interesting than ever.

People around the world are diversifying their crypto portfolios in this new asset class, resulting in new altcoins seeing the light of day every now and then.

With the increase in the number of coins, the need for good wallets to store the crypto coins safely is also at an all-time high. Most investors prefer to store their crypto assets in one place to make life easier, and that is why many muti-cryptocurrency wallets are being developed.

But the question is, which multi-cryptocurrency wallet should one pick? Which is the most reliable?

With these questions in mind, I decided to list some of the best multi-cryptocurrency wallets available in the market that investors can use to store multiple cryptocurrencies.

8 Best Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallets

1. Trust Wallet (Mobile)

Trust wallet is the best multi-cryptocurrency wallet in 2024, that supports multiple blockchains. At the time of writing, they support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, LUNA, Polkadot blockchain.

Trust wallet has many features which make it the #1 multi crypto-currency wallet. Some of the features are:

  • DApps browser (Only available on Android, iOS users can use Wallet connect feature to connect to any DApp)
  • Buy Crypto with card
  • Non-Custodial wallet
  • Trading feature available via Binance DEX
  • Quick Swap feature
  • Crypto staking
  • WalletConnect feature

Apart from all these features, you can create multiple wallets to manage different portfolio. The app is being constantly updated with additional features, and it is one of the most popular wallets on this planet as of 2024. The wallet is available for iOS and Android.

2. SafePal Wallet App

SafePal is the fastest-growing mobile wallet app that anyone would like to use as their multi-crypto wallet. You can have multiple portfolio wallets, one for investing, the other for trading, and so on.

SafePal tightly integrates with Binance DEX, and lets you trade cryptocurrencies or swap cryptocurrencies without needing any KYC. This feature alone is making SafePal an ideal choice for a crypto mobile app.

If you don’t know, SafePal is a popular hardware wallet, and their mobile app can be used with or without SafePal hardware wallet. The wallet has an in-built DApp browser, and you can import your existing wallet or create a new wallet using SafePal wallet.

The interface is refreshing, and once you get the hang of the SafePal app, you may not use any other crypto wallet ever. The team is proactive in development, and they are constantly adding new features.

3. Exodus [Desktop & Mobile Wallet]

Exodus is a very popular multi-currency wallet to manage your blockchain assets.

It is a free-to-use, HD wallet, crafted by JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli in mid-2015.

The wallet design is stylish and the user interface is rather intuitive. So much so, that one actually appreciates the effort put in by the Exodus team in developing the UX/UI of the wallet.

The good thing is, despite the stylish design, there is no compromise on user security. It still follows the top-notch security standards of the crypto world.

At present, it supports more than 100+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Atom, etc and there is no sign of them stopping. Support for more cryptocurrencies on Exodus is planned for the future.

However, remember it is a desktop-only wallet and you require no registration or KYC for using this wallet. Of course, you certainly need to take a backup of your seed key that Exodus provides you while setting-up Exodus for the first time.

Update: Exodus now supports close to 100 cryptocurrencies! They also have multiple exchange partners (not just ShapeShift), which means we can offer more exchangeable assets. Sourcing liquidity from various partners has made exchanging in Exodus faster and more reliable. Exodus is now available on mobile as well.

They also do not require a personal email – this is an option for those who wish to receive the email backup link. Any email address can be used – or none at all! The email is only used once to send the backup link. Privacy is very important to Exodus and they do not store any customer personal data – not even the email address.

Exodus users can also send funds to and receive funds from smart contracts.

  • Supported Operating System: Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  • In-built Exchange: ShapeShift integrated
  • Private Keys: Controlled by owner
  • Cost: Free to use
  • Segwit Enabled: No


Talking about Cross-chain wallet, how could we not include XDEFi. This was a new entrant in 2022 and has become popular as a Metamask alternative, and for being another popular browser addon wallet. Unlike Metamask, it supports many popular blockchains like BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, Thorchain, and more.

The one thing that most of you would like about the XDEFI wallet is, it offers cross-chain swap without the need for KYC. This wallet has a great chance of becoming the top 3 multi-cryptocurrency wallet in the time to come, but for now, if you are looking for a browser-based solution, this is the wallet that you should be using.

It is a non-custodial free wallet and can be downloaded for Chrome and Brave browser.

5. Coinomi [Multi OS Wallet]

Coinomi is the brainchild of a competent team based out of London, UK, and has been on the market ever since 2015. It is also widely respected in the crypto wallet community.

Moreover, by repeatedly supporting Bitcoin forks such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, etc., Coinomi has proved that their development team is highly dedicated.

Coinomi is a multi-currency HD wallet that provides you with a 12-word backup seed key which is to be written down and kept safe. In case you damage or lose your device, this backup seed key will enable you to recover your cryptocurrencies.

The magic of HD wallets is that with this seed you can manage and securely store more than 50 cryptocurrencies and 200 Ethereum tokens on the Coinomi wallet.

But in the past, Coinomi has had its fair share of controversies, particularly when they exposed users’ Bitcoin addresses in plain text. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not safe – it’s just one of those things to be expected as a market-leading, mature wallet.

  • Supported Operating System: Android & iOS
  • In-built Exchange: ShapeShift & Changelly integrated
  • Private Keys: Controlled by owner
  • Cost: Free to use
  • Segwit Enabled: Yes

Download For: Android & iOS

6. Ledger Nano S [Hardware Wallet]


Ledger Nano S is a very popular HD wallet crafted with love in France, a European country well-known for its art and design aesthetics.

Similarly, their product, the Ledger Nano S, which is also a multi-currency hardware wallet, is a very sleek flash drive-like device. It also comes with an OLED screen for easy handling and two side buttons for confirming transactions, which sometimes makes it looks like an advanced flash drive.

This wallet can be used even on an infected computer to make transactions. Plus, you get the freedom to store 48 cryptocurrencies, Binance coin, and thousands of ERC20 tokens in a single wallet.

  • Supported Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
  • In-built Exchange: Yes
  • Private Keys: Controlled by owner
  • Cost: $100
  • Segwit Enabled: Yes

Note: Securely note down and store your 24-word recovery phrase that Ledger Nano S spits at the time of set-up. If you lose this, all your cryptocurrencies will be lost forever.

Watch this video series by Coinsutra’s YouTube channel to learn everything that you need to know about Ledger Nano S.

7. Trezor [Hardware Wallet]

Trezor was the first cryptocurrency wallet ever developed.

It is manufactured by SatoshiLabs, a Czech Republic-based company operating since 2013.

Just like the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X, it is also a small flash drive-like device with an OLED screen that connects to the phone or PC via a USB which you can also use to sign cryptocurrency transactions in an offline environment

However, the initial setup is different compared to the Ledger Nano.

With Trezor, when you first connect it to your PC, it shows a nine-digit pin code on its OLED screen. You need to enter the same pin code by clicking on your corresponding PC screen. This code is generated randomly every time you connect Trezor, which enhances safety.

After entering the pin, you will be asked to write your 24-word recovery seed. Again, you need to keep your recovery key safe because this is the only way you will be able to restore your bitcoins.

Once the steps above are performed, using it is pretty similar to the Ledger Nano S.

Trezor now supports more than 10 cryptocurrencies and thousands of ERC20 tokens and is available in white, gray, and black color options. Read: Which Cryptocoins Does Trezor Hardware Wallet Support?

  • Supported Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • In-built Exchange: No
  • Private Keys: Controlled by owner
  • Cost: $110-$120
  • Segwit Enabled: Yes

Watch this video series by Coinsutra’s YouTube channel to learn everything that you need to know about Trezor.

Note: Trezor’s new model Trezor-t is also out and available on pre-bookings.

8. CoinPayments (Web)

CoinPayments is a Bitcoin payment gateway service and if you are looking for something for your business, then you can start with Coinpayments. This offers a custodial multi-crypto digital currency wallet and supports over 2055+ Altcoins.

For any business, this is an idle option.

The Best Wallets To Store Multiple Cryptocurrencies

It is important to have good wallets for different cryptocurrencies. If you rely on exchanges, you are just probably waiting to be hacked.

However, I understand that finding the best multi-cryptocurrency wallet for many currencies is not possible. Therefore, you should try their official crypto wallets to keep your funds safe.

I hope this detailed article on the different types of multi-currency wallets – including mobile, hardware, and desktop wallets – will help you in making the right choice for yourself.

Which is the best cross-chain wallet out there?

XDEFI is the best cross-chain wallet in the crypto world that supports cross-chain swap. It also supports multiple blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Rune, Luna, BNB to name a few.

Do let me know which multi-currency wallet you use for your cryptocurrencies in the comments section below.

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4 thoughts on “8 Best Multi Cryptocurrency Wallets (2024)”

  1. Oscar

    I prefer more cold wallets as mentioned in this article. I’d rather use the one that supports multiple digital currencies. Hardware wallets look handy, but they are not as safe as paper wallets.

  2. ICO Picker

    There are a lot of cryptowallet that are available now for keeping and storing the digital currency. Most of the crypto wallet you mentioned are good. If you’re going to ask me, I prefer to use an offline crypto wallet. I believe that it is better to use because there’s only a little possibility of hacking it.

  3. Bee

    Hardware wallets are the best. But if you wanna software – the best is Guarda.

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