Best Crypto & Bitcoin Invoicing Apps

Are you looking for an easy to use Crypto invoicing tool?

Well, there are plenty, and you have to be cautious to pick the trustable one. Here is a list of some of the best crypto invoicing tools, that ensures you or your client doesn’t face the heat of volatility. None the less, you don’t want to get scammed, by rogue crypto invoicing app.

With that, lets make this one of the best resource for crypto invoicing

Top Crypto invoicing tools for Small businesses and freelancers:

1. Nowpayments

Nowpayments is a crypto payment gateway, that also offers the feature to create manual invoices too. It is easy to use, and one of the highlights is, it lets you set the price in USD, and when the client is ready to pay, they will see the current price.

Here is how to create a crypto invoice:

  • Head over to Nowpayments
  • Create your account, and verify using email.
  • Now, go to store settings, add your wallet address (to receive payments), and create a store API Key

Once this is done, click on Invoice, and create your first invoice.

Pay currency: You can define the currency in which you want to be paid, or simply keep it optional. Keeping it optional, will give client options to pay in any cryptocurrency of their choice. If you know your client is willing to pay in BTC, you should rather select BTC as pay currency, this way there are no conversion charges, and you save money.

Once this is all set, you will get a payment link like this, that you can share with your buyer/client. Here is how your client would see the option to pay the invoice.

From here on, the client could quickly pay, and you get paid in crypto. This one is the simplest crypto invoicing software I have found in recent time

As I discover more similar tools, will update this resource. If you know more of such tools, do let me know via comment below.

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