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  • Have you ever wanted an app that lets you track any ETH wallet address?
  • Have you ever thought about how to see all your Ethereum wallet balances and NFTs within one app?
  • Have you ever thought about how to track wallet address activities that have hacked your account?

One way is to use the Defi dashboards, which let you track any Ethereum wallet address. Then, there are specialized wallet and tracker apps that let you punch in your wallet address or any Ethereum wallet address to let you track it.

Note: You can find a list of the best Ethereum wallets here.

I think as we move ahead in our journey of cryptocurrencies, there will be a decent demand for such Ethereum wallet tracker apps. This resource contains some of the best ways by which you can track any Ethereum wallet address or, in other words, watch the balance and transactions of any wallet address.

  • You can also add the addresses of whales to see their recent activity and make an investment/trading decision based on that. This is a social engineering technique that many crypto users are using. Something which is worth trying to discover new projects before everyone else.
  • Another use case of such apps is to track the hacker account that has drained funds from your or your friend’s wallet.

Also, since you know this is very much possible, you should use a unique wallet address or different wallet addresses for your public activities.

I’m not including those apps where you need to manually enter the address every time, rather sharing those apps where you add the wallet address once, and you can track it forever.

Here is the list:

Best Ethereum tracker and watching wallets and apps:

1. Rainbow wallet

The Rainbow wallet (Non-custodial wallet) is currently available for iOS and will soon come out for Android, which offers an option to add watch-only Ethereum addresses. This is perhaps one of the best free solutions for tracking an Ethereum address’s activity.

The UI is intuitive, and you can add unlimited wallets to watch at the time of writing. That is not all, as you can give a unique name/label to every watch-only wallet, which makes tracking easier.

With the watch-only feature, you could do the following with the Rainbow wallet:

  • Add any address and give a custom label and emojis
  • Check the recent activity of a wallet address
  • Check the balances (ERC20)
  • Check the NFTs, which are sorted based on the collection.

The Rainbow wallet is a fully-fledged Ethereum wallet, and soon, it will be added to our list of best Ethereum wallets. It has a ton of features, such as you can buy .ens domain directly from the wallet and connect with dAPPS using the Wallet connect feature.

If your goal is to track a few Ethereum wallet addresses, Rainbow will do the job nicely. If you are an Android user, you must wait a few months before it launches publicly.

2. Etherscan Address Tracker

This premium Mac app is designed for one purpose: Ethereum address tracking. The app is in the range of $3-4 and can be downloaded from the Apple app store for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Features of Etherscan tracker:

  • Multiple accounts functionality;
  • Periodic notifications! Get notifications for new transactions for up to 5 accounts! Please note that the notifications are not real-time yet;
  • Add groups to organize addresses and expand or collapse them as you like. Groups and their collapsed state are synchronized on all your devices via iCloud;
  • Add any address coin or transaction hash to favorites to keep them better organized;
  • You can filter the list to see the transactions you want;
  • Transactions can be sorted by various options;
  • View coin details;
  • View coin holders and percentages;
  • View the Account’s coin balance and equivalent amount;
  • View transactions of any address without leaving the app and also add them to the saved account lists if you want;
  • Possibility to add alias to every address for better visibility;
  • Widgets to see new transactions for a specific address or for all addresses;
  • Touch Bar support;
  • Added accounts are now automatically synchronized via iCloud;
  • Tapping on one coin, TX or other address will redirect you to Uniswap/Etherscan;
  • Light mode and Dark mode support;
  • Accessibility support. We have optimized the apps for VoiceOver and Dynamic Font Size.
  • Handoff support. Continue what you started viewing or editing on your other devices.

It seems like a rock-solid app for tacking any Ethereum addresses. You can also add labels to addresses, which makes tracking easier. The notifications feature is useful to monitor the activity of whale addresses.

I also recommend you to have a look at Defi dashboards, as this is another smart way to track any Ethereum wallet address online. A few of them allow registration, and you can save the wallet address for tracking.

Over time, we can expect more such apps to pop up, and I will update this resource with more Ethereum address trackers. If you know of any such apps, let me know in the comment section below. If you find this resource useful, do share it with your friends who are in crypto.

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