Earn.com: The Easiest Way To Earn Extra Cryptocurrencies

Micropayments up to $1 were not very feasible before cryptocurrencies came into existence. But now, thanks to BTC, ETH, and many altcoins, these kinds of micropayments are now possible.

Plus, many types of microtasks that couldn’t be monetized on a daily payout basis are now monetizable.

One company that I started using has been utilizing this concept for quite some time – Earn.com

What Is Earn.com?

What Is Earn.com

Earn, a Bitcoin company, has made it possible for the masses to use digital currencies such as BTC to send and receive targeted, paid microtasks. Earn.com was formerly known as 21.co.

Balaji S. Srinivasan founded the company but sold it to Coinbase this year which created a lot of buzz in the cryptosphere.

How Does It Work?

How Does earn.com Work

Earn’s business model is simple. It makes it possible for any verified user to earn Bitcoin by replying to emails and completing tasks.

You can keep the money, or cash it out or donate it to charity.

Earn also has email monetization products, microtask lists, list of communities and list of CEOs, VCs, Founders etc based on following categories:

  • Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Fundraising
  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • Token Sales… and more…

Superpowers You Get From Earn.com [Features Of Earn]

For businesses and individuals, there are a lot of features and opportunities with Earn.com. Some of those exciting ones are here:

Monetize/Filter your Gmail inbox with Earn.com: By integrating Earn with your email you can bounce unsolicited emails back to the original sender, and let them pay to reach you. This a fantastic way to monetize your time while you go through your inbox plus you can prioritize/filter your emails in this way. I have used this and it really works very well.

Earn’s Airdrop Programme: You can create a buzz about your new blockchain product and verified users who have shown in knowing about your project can get new digital assets in their wallets. For this, one sometimes needs to do microtasks.

Earn's Airdrop Programme

Access To Premium List: Get your hand on the exclusive email list of angel investors, founders, CEOs, CTOs, developers (Java, Go, JavaScript etc). You wouldn’t usually get a list with emails of such high profile people, but this would be more like buying the list and launching a very targeted campaign.

Access To Premium List

Contact Only Relevant Leads: Earn also has an innovative search engine that lets you find the best people to contact where you can filter by company, industry, size, location, or individual characteristics like department or title.

Earn.com Find People

Monetize Your Email List By Creating New List: If you run a business and have an email list that you want to monetize for passive income then you can do that very well through Earn and create a new list. For example, you have a specific email list of Solidity Developers in Germany then you can make that list monetizable on Earn by making a new list. Senders will pay to reach this new list member and you and your community get paid for every reply.

Monetize Email List

Hire Engineers: To cut the noise and hire some of the best engineers who are actually looking for new opportunities. This can be done through Earn. Of course, you will be required to pay for reaching out to these developers but you only need to pay for the number of replies you get. For example, let us assume you emailed a list of 500 developers and each reply costs $5. You would calculate it as @2500. However, that is not the case. If only 50 reply, you only need to pay for those 50, not the entire list.

Hire Engineers

Join Lists To Receive Paid Emails & Tasks: Doesn’t matter who you are, if you want to monetize your free on the go time to earn an extra buck for yourself or for charity, you can do that too with Earn. If you are a writer, you can join an exclusive list of writers post. You will recieve emails for microtasks or surveys from those interested in getting replies from writers.

Earn.com Paid Emails & Tasks

Examples from Earn.com blog:

  1. If you are a Python programmer, apply to the Python list to get paid to reply to recruiters and complete surveys on new technologies.
  2. If you are a Bitcoin or Ethereum holder, apply to the Bitcoin or Ethereum lists to allow the founders of new ICOs and distributed ledger products to pay to reach you prior to their launch.
  3. If you are a Stanford student or affiliate, apply to the Stanford list to get compensated by entrepreneurs who want to hire you or have you try out new apps intended for college campuses.

I am sure if you are a developer, businessman or a crypto enthusiast you will definitely feel itchy to join Earn.com. That’s why our next section is exactly about that.

How To Get Started With Earn?

Get Started With Earn

Starting your journey on Earn.com is one of the easiest things to do.

One needs to sign-up using their email ID as a standard, just like you do with other sites.

I was surprised at how quick is their verification channel is. You can verify yourself just by linking your LinkedIn account and verifying your email.

Once you have completed the verification process, you will get a bounty amount in BTC. You will then start getting more paid tasks.

Conclusion: Monetize Your Email With Earn

I have used this service to monetize my emails and sometimes to try out ‘how to earn’ an extra buck while on the go by doing micro surveys.

And I must say it is real.

Here are some of my stats:

Earn.com earning

Though these numbers are not big, it does show you that it works and you are being credited actual money in BTC which you can withdraw or donate.


This idea is not something unique but it wasn’t as feasible before the arrival of cryptocurrencies. Earn.com today is valued at somewhere over $100 million.

I personally found this method more targetted and accurate compared to LinkedIn as there is incentive involved in it which naturally encourages participants to participate or monetize their email list data.

Post the success of Earn, a few more similar services have sprung up that are pretty much doing the same thing.

Therefore, in my next coverage, I will cover one of those services that I like. Until then, stay connected and keep enjoying the crypto revolution with CoinSutra.

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