7 Crypto Twitter Influencers Accounts You Must Follow

Believe it or not, nowadays everyone proclaims to be a crypto influencer on Twitter. Even those who barely have any experience in the space, mention “Crypto Proponents/influencer” in their bio!

That aside, following genuine crypto influencers on Twitter can be very enlightening.

Enlightening because they are people who are actually building the community and are truly influential.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to list some of the genuine crypto influencers that you should follow on Twitter to enhance your knowledge on the subject of cryptocurrencies and everything around it.

1. Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin, the college dropout who proposed and created Ethereum in 2015, is one of the must-follow Twitter influencers out there. His Twitter handle is: @VitalikButerin

He isn’t afraid of calling a spade a spade and fears no one in stating his unique and critical opinion around many peculiar problems of open-blockchain projects like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Importantly, his Twitter threads that he writes sometimes are quite mind-blowing where he discusses scalability, governance, ICOs, DApps, security etc.

Some of his notable tweets that I particularly like are:

2. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas is the most prolific speaker on the subject of Bitcoin and open-blockchains. His Twitter handle is: @aantonop

He tweets mostly on Bitcoin basics, Bitcoin scalability, and scam awareness. What is not to be missed is his unmatched sarcasm. He also tweets well-recorded speeches on Bitcoin and various multi-dimensional insights on the same matter. He does so to spread awareness about the most important invention post the internet – Bitcoin.

3. Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee is the creator of the Litecoin cryptocurrency, which is the silver standard in the cryptocurrency space. Lee, who works full time on Litecoin now, is an ex-Director of Engineering at Coinbase. His Twitter handle is: @SatoshiLite

Charlie Lee has really accelerated the adoption of segwit not only for Litecoin but for Bitcoin too. His atomic swap pioneering tweets has encouraged the developers around the world. Mostly, he speaks about Bitcoin, scalability, forks, atomic swaps etc.

Some of his notable tweets are:

4. Riccardo Spagni

Riccardo Spagni

Riccardo is the creator of Monero, the most private and anonymous cryptocurrency right now in the market.

If you are searching for someone a great sense of sarcasm and an eye for detail, you should follow Riccardo Spagni on Twitter. His Twitter handle is: @fluffypony

His tweets are fun to read and he never shies away from expressing his opinion.

Mostly, he tweets about Monero and other private cryptocurrencies but also incorporates the Bitcoin scalability drama.

5. Jameson Lopp

Jameson Lopp

If you are searching for intelligent people building something with Bitcoin, your search end here because Jameson Lopp is one of the pioneer cypherpunks who has been working on Bitcoin for years. He is an experienced team member of the BitGo team but recently quit to create his own crypto wallet called Casa. His Twitter handle is: @lopp

His tweets target a wide range of audience – from Bitcoin beginners to Bitcoin advanced developers – and the topics range from Bitcoin basics to Lightning networks. He talks about political, social and philosophical angles related to Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies too.

Some of his notable tweets are:

6. Trace Mayer

 Trace Mayer

Trace Mayer is a veteran investor in the traditional markets such as gold and was the first blogger who started recommending Bitcoin in early 2011 when it was $0.25 per BTC. Follow him on @TraceMayer

Mayer is an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, monetary scientist and ardent defender of the freedom of speech. He holds degrees in accounting and law and has studied Austrian economics focusing on Rothbard and Mises.

He mostly tweets about economics surrounding Bitcoin, its comparison with other assets in a broader way, and recently about Mayer Multiple which is an interesting way to derive the right buying time for BTC derived from its 200 days MA.

7. Max Keiser

Max Keiser

Max Keiser is a bold speaker and proponent of Bitcoin who has been shilling Bitcoin to the masses when it as mere $3 per BTC.

He runs a very popular show in RT every week where he talks a great deal about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space in general too.

If you want to see educational tweets that are also funny, follow him: @maxkeiser

Also, he shares his whole theory of how Bitcoin and other cryptos are sucking the economic activity from the traditional markets. He sometimes also tweets about his Bitcoin predictions.

Here are some of his notable tweets:

Conclusion: Top Crypto Twitter Influencers

I’d say learn as much as you can about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by following these crypto influencers. Get rid of the fascination of getting rich quick with it, because in that FOMO, you will surely get Rekt!

Also, bookmark coinsutra.community because we are always here to help you learn the technical and economical aspects of sound money like Bitcoin.

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