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Wirex Deal: Free Bitcoin Debit Card & Claim 0.5% Cash Back On Purchases


Order now or in future. You get free Bitcoin debit card plus 0.5% cash back

Wirexapp is one popular Bitcoin website that offers Virtual & Physical Bitcoin debit card.

The first Virtual debit card is completely free & you can get it right now by creating an account. And now, the first Physical debit card is also free and it will be delivered to you within a week.

Moreover, you will 0.5% cash back in the form of BTC whenever in-store retail purchase are made using the Wirex card.

Note: Wirex service is available only for Europe and UK users.

Using Wirexapp you can spend your Bitcoins using Debit card & you can also purchase Bitcoins using PayPal. I have shared the complete tutorial for purchasing Bitcoins using PayPal & Wirexapp here.


This deal is for you to get your first Physical card from Wirexapp totally Free plus 0.5% Cash Back. Even if you don’t order the physical card right now & join using this special promo link, you will be entitled to the same deal on your physical card order in the future.

Wirxapp: Bitcoin Debit card & free Virtual card

Wirexapp debit card is available in many countries & it’s one of the fastest growing companies in Bitcoin debit card space. It enables you to use your Bitcoins as real money. Just not only that, there are many more features of Wirexapp that I have listed above for you to understand why you should signup right now.

  • Free Virtual debit card
  • Helps you buy Bitcoins using PayPal
  • Top up your cards using Altcoins including Ether, Dash, XRP & many others.
  • Spend money in USD, GBP, and EUR
  • Low-cost money transfer
  • Offers Android & iOS App

Especially if you are someone who travels a lot or use your card to spend money online, using Wirexapp, you will safeguard your online privacy. Since the first virtual debit card is free, you will get to truly enjoy your hard-earned Bitcoins in the real world. None the less, you can also use Wirexapp virtual card for PayPal verification.

With time they keep adding new features & I will keep sharing notable one here at CoinSutra.

Do note: If you signup for Wirexapp directly, you won’t be getting this deal. As I mentioned above, even if you order your physical bitcoin debit card in future, you will still get Free Wirex card plus 0.5% Cash Back during in-store purchases.  The signup takes about 4-5 minutes & you will get your Virtual Bitcoin card instantly.

Sign up for Wirexapp

Go ahead & enjoy this deal from CoinSutra.

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