Shrimpy Review: How Does Shrimpy Help Crypto Investors? (2024)

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HODL is one strategy that most of us follow. But do you know what’s better than HODLing?


Using the rebalancing technique, you can grow your holding currencies as it automatically helps to buy low and sell high.

I have been testing this strategy using two tools:

After using both tools, I can say both are highly effective and work as promised. There is a lot of fundamental difference between these two tools that I will cover in the next article.

  • Shrimpy: Free + Premium plan
  • 3Commas: Paid tool. Currently offering $10 joining bonus to try out

For now, I wanted to share everything I have learned about Shrimpy which is a free tool (for now) and something you should start using to learn the art of portfolio rebalancing.

The sooner you learn about it, the faster you will be able to make more money with crypto holding.

Звучит неплохо?

Alright, let’s move ahead and see what Shrimpy could do for you.

Shrimpy review – Crypto Portfolio Re-balancer and More

Shrimpy is probably the most straightforward yet most powerful cryptocurrency portfolio rebalancing tool. It works with three exchanges at the time of writing this review:

Here are a few points you should know before you start using it:

  • You can connect to the exchange right now and it doesn’t need to rebalance right away.
  • You can stop rebalancing anytime.
  • When setting up allocation for a coin, the number has to be whole and can’t be a fraction. (Personally, this feature is a limitation, and fractions should be allowed as well). (1% is good, 1.5% won’t work).
  • You can customize the rebalance time (hourly, daily, weekly, or never).
  • A manual rebalance button is available.
  • See the portfolio in BTC or USD.
  • Currently, Shrimpy is only able to connect to one exchange at a time. Multiple exchange support is coming soon. For now, you can create multiple accounts for various exchanges.
  • Backtesting tool.

And then as this tool is continuously being developed, there are more features that keep coming to it.

What I liked about Shrimpy is, it’s relatively easy to use, especially for someone who has never used the rebalancing technique.

Once the exchange connection is validated, scroll down to start allocating the percentage to the coin you wish to keep. The total allocation should be 100%.

This is a vital step, and I recommend you first set up an excel sheet and make a portfolio. Break down coins into large-cap, medium-cap, and small-cap. You can also use categories/industries to diversify your portfolio.

Diversification is the key here, and the goal is to grow your overall portfolio in either BTC or USD. I prefer growing in BTC but for risk aversive people, even increasing your total USD investment is not bad either. Again, it boils down to your style and risk appetite.

Once you have done the allocation, the next step is to set up the rebalancing cycle. I usually keep it around 3-6 hours as the crypto industry is fast-moving and according to research by Shrimpy, it gives better results.

You can always manually rebalance from the dashboard and see your portfolio balance. What I do is, I take out the profit and let the overall rebalancing run automatically.


Clicking on History will show you how many times rebalancing has taken place and what all has been purchased or sold.


I also recommend you to read the articles and case studies by Shrimpy on their medium blog. This will give you a lot of information on how rebalancing works and also how to create a rocking crypto portfolio.

Overall, this is a free tool for a limited period of time and you should take advantage of it. Similar features offered by other tools are usually paid. The closest one that I’m testing along with Shrimpy is 3commas which does more than rebalancing.

I will be doing a detailed comparison of Shrimpy and 3Commas in the days to come.

For now, here are a few things I would love to see in days to come from Shrimpy:

  • Allowing fractions, rather than only whole numbers. This is highly useful for anyone with a huge portfolio as even 0.25 constitutes a big sum.
  • Adding multiple exchange support, as most of the people in cryptos who use advanced technologies like rebalancing have multiple accounts.
  • Mobile app (no-brainer here)
  • Portfolio share: This one feature could be the game-changer as there are people who prefer sharing their winning portfolio. One can simply copy it to grow its portfolio. Here is a screenshot of the same from another tool:
Copy crypto portfolio

Conclusion: Shrimpy review

Overall, Shrimpy is a class cryptocurrency rebalancing tool that every crypto holder and trader should try. The rebalancing technique is highly useful to mitigate risk and grow your investment. Apart from building such a great tool, the team seems to be passionate about the whole technique behind it. The Shrimpy blog is full of articles that every crypto investor should read.

I believe this tool won’t be free for long and the value it adds, it won’t be an issue for most of us to pay fees for the value it adds.

I would rate Shrimpy 4/5 and hope to see more innovation and new features from them soon.

For now, it’s your turn to try out Shrimpy, and let me know your review and feedback.

Also, here are a few hand-picked guides for you to read next:

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