Decentral Games – A Virtual Casino on Decentraland (Fundamental Analysis)

Online gambling has been with us for more than a decade now. It can be done on virtual casinos, which are an online version of the traditional casinos. These casinos enable gamblers to play and wager on games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slot machines, Poker, Bingo, etc.

Online gambling has already been increasing on a large scale. Further, due to Covid-19, the business of these casinos has grown manifolds due to the closure of many traditional casinos. Because of this, their adoption is expected to increase in the coming years.

Although these casinos have been very successful, there are several disputes between players and the casinos related to reward distribution, fair treatment, etc. Further, many countries such as Belgium, Canada, Finland, etc., don’t grant a casino license to foreign operators. Even they can penalize players and block the foreign casino’s website.

Thus, there was a need and opportunity to take the virtual casino business to the next level. The need to make the virtual casino experience comparable to the traditional one. Further, a need for a decentralized blockchain-based casino that no one authority could control or restrict. In simple words, this was a merger of Online Gambling with Metaverse.

Few crazy enough people built just that in 2019, known as Decentral Games.

So, let us understand what it is and why I am so excited about it.

What is Decentral Games?

Decentral Games
Decentral Games – Homepage

Decentral Games is a digital platform where anyone can come and play wager-based games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, etc. The USP of this casino is not what you can play here but the playing experience it gives to a player.

The casino is situated in a virtual world called Decentraland, which is developed on the Ethereum Network. Further, the platform is supported by Matic Network, which makes game transactions cheap and super quick.

The casino is owned and governed by holders of its in-house token called DG Token through a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). Here the DG Token acts as the governance instrument. I will cover the governance mechanism in detail later in this article.

The company is situated in San Jose, Costa Rica, and was launched in 2019. The team currently has 43 employees across the globe.

The company has been funded by various crypto specific investors such as:

  • Collab+Currency,
  • Genesis Block Ventures,
  • Cluster Capital,
  • AU21 Capital,
  • ID Theory (London Based),
  • Bitscale Capital (Swiss Based),
  • Metaverse Ventures

Further, recently the company has raised $5 Million from various crypto investment firms.

Now, let us talk about the founders of this virtual casino.

Who are the Founders of Decentral Games?

Miles Anthony

Miles Anthony – Twitter

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Miles graduated in 2017 from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in a Bachelor of Science, Maths, and Economics. During his graduation in 2015, Miles started his first venture, Flux Chargers, an e-commerce company for portable chargers. In 2019, Miles established his Metaverse Multiplayer Wager-Based games platform with Steve and Scott called Decentral Games.

Scott De Taboada

Scott De Taboada – Linkedin

Co-Founder and Technical Lead

Scott has a similar background as miles. He completed his bachelor’s from UCLA in Mathematics of Computation. Scott also co-founded Flux Chargers and later co-founded Decentral Games in 2019. Currently, he is serving as a Technical Lead in the team.

Steve Becerra

Steve Becerra – Linkedin

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Before co-founding Decentral Games in 2019, Steve founded Mockworld – a developer of real-time 3D games for the Web, and – a decentralized application built on the Ethereum Blockchain Network.

Steve has a bachelor’s degree in Physics from California State University Sonoma. Currently, he is serving as the CTO of the team.

What are the components of Decentral Games?

The various components of Decentral Games are as follows:

1. Treasury – The backbone of Decentral Games Ecosystem

Decentral Games Treasury Ecosystem
Decentral Games – Treasury Ecosystem

Treasury is the backbone of the Decentral Games Ecosystem. It is an open and transparent house fund of the casino.

Further, functions of the treasury can be listed as follows:

  • All fee collected from players is deposited in the treasury,
  • Player winnings are also paid in DG tokens out of the treasury,
  • The treasury pays liquidity providers DG tokens as a reward to provide liquidity to the platform.
Decentral Games Treasury Balance
Decentral Games – Treasury Balance

The unique feature of this platform is that Treasury balance is accessible to everyone at all times. You don’t have this access in most of the casinos.

The treasury balance on the date of writing this article is $7.25 Million. You may check the updated balance here.

2. Liquidity Pools – To provide liquidity to the Treasury

Decentral Games Liquidity Pools
Decentral Games – Liquidity Pools

To ensure that the casino runs efficiently, the treasury must always have funds. The Decentral Games team has done this with the help of Liquidity Pools.

Any person can deposit his funds to these liquidity pools and provide liquidity to the platform. In return, the casino would reward the liquidity provider with DG tokens.

For more information on liquidity incentives, click here.

3. Games and Rewards – Play and Earn

Currently, there are three casino operators on Decentral Games:

Casinos on Decentral Games
Casinos on Decentral Games

Further, currently following games can be played on the platform:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Slots
  • Poker
Games of Decentral Games
Games of Decentral Games

The user interface of the casinos is very interactive and tries to give an experience equivalent to a traditional casino. I would suggest you check out the casinos here. As a reference, this is how Tominoya Casino looks.

Tominoya Casino Decentral Games
Decentral Games – Tominoya Casino
Types of Games of Tominoya Casino at Decentral Games
Types of Games of Tominoya Casino – Decentral Games

Rewards paid to the players

Players on Decentral Games are rewarded with DG Tokens (in-house token of Decentral Games) for playing games. Further, players get more rewards for referring other players. This helps in the overall adoption of the platform. If more players play at the same table, then each player gets higher rewards as it keeps the virtual atmosphere lively and social. Further, to make the atmosphere livelier, there are various events that Decentral Games organize.

Decentral Games Events
Decentral Games – Events

For more information on gameplay rewards, click here.

4. Governance Model – DG Token is the Governance Instrument

Decentral Games Governance Model
Decentral Games – Governance Model

Decentral Games platform is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) that is wholly owned and governed by DG token holders. Thus, the DG token works as a governance instrument of the platform. You can stake your DG tokens here.

The community on Decentral Games can vote on the following issues:

  • New game development
  • Effective allocation of treasury funds
  • Adjustments to the ecosystem as a whole
  • Approval of new casino operators
  • Gameplay rewards and bonuses

Please note that voting right is available only on staked DG tokens. Further, there is a pretty decent staking return paid by the platform in DG tokens. As of the date of writing this article, the staking return is 23.26% per annum.

It is worth noting that DG Holders can only vote for the features of the platform. They cannot interfere in the operation and management of the company and do not have any equity interest in the company, its assets, or its affiliates.

For more information on governance rewards, click here.

5. DG Token – The In-House Token of Decentral Games

The most important component of the Decentral Games platform is its in-house token, i.e., DG Token. It is the primary utility token that plays a significant role in the functioning of the platform. DG Tokens are ERC 20 tokens and are used as a medium of exchange between participants and the platform’s ecosystem.

However, DG tokens are intended to be a medium of exchange on the Decentral Games platform only. DG tokens are not intended to be a medium of exchange for payment of goods or services or discharge of debt outside the platform. Further, the DG tokens do not represent any equity right in the company.

a. Utility of DG Token

The use cases of DG Token are as follows:

  • Governance of the platform
  • Staking rewards
  • Liquidity pool rewards
  • Playing games on the platform

b. DG Token Economy

The economy of DG token is as follows:

DG Tokenomics

Maximum Supply (Source)1,000,000 Tokens
Total Supply1,000,000 Tokens
Circulating Supply281,789 Tokens (28% of Total Supply)
Value of Token (in $)$111.95
24 Hour Trading Volume (in $)$521,734
Market Cap (in $)$31,423,856

The maximum supply of DG Tokens is 1 Million, which will be distributed over 6 years, i.e., till 2026, as follows:

Allocation of DG Tokens

ParticularsPercentageNo. of TokensPurpose
Community62%6,20,000Distribute to the community
Gameplay Rewards33%3,30,000Game rewards
Ecosystem Support16%1,60,000Incentivize development and strategic partnership on the platform
Liquidity Incentives9%90,000Rewards for Liquidity Providers
Governance Rewards2%20,000Staking rewards
Community Airdrop2%20,000 Airdrop rewards
Team20%2,00,000For the DG team and future employees
Early Participants18%1,80,000For early participants
DG Token Allocation
DG Token – Allocation

c. Where can you buy DG Token?

You can buy DG Token on the following exchanges:

  1. Pancakeswap
  2. Uniswap
  3. Quickswap
  4. Sushiswap
  5. Balancer

What are the Pros and Cons of Decentral Games?

 The pros of Decentral Games are as follows:

 The pros of Decentral Games are as follows:The possible cons of Decentral Games are as follows:
  • Very interactive user interface

  • DAO-based community control

  • Free playing facilities

  • Games Rewards in crypto

  • Staking feature to earn passive income on crypto assets

  • Liquidity provision to earn passive income on crypto assets
  • Decent competition in the market

  • The impact of metaverse on the adoption of the casino is still uncertain

  • A user needs high bandwidth and graphic card to use the platform in comparison with other online gambling sites
  • Experience the Decentral Games platform

    I would suggest you explore the platform and play some games.

    Click Here to Play on Decentral Games. In order to proceed through this link, you would need to connect your Metamask wallet to the platform.

    Further, you would get 5,000 chips free to play Blackjack or Roulette.

    Go ahead! and enjoy the Virtual world of gambling.


    With the tremendous increase in the global online casino business in the last few years, there is further massive growth potential.

    In order to build up and stand out in the market, Decentral Games needs to compete with existing online casinos such as Luckster, 22 BetPartners, CasinoDays, etc. Further, there are a few other projects that are merging blockchain with gambling or gaming such as Atari, CoinPoker, Lotto, etc.

    Decentral Games has the potential of being the number one virtual casino because of its unique user interface, platform transparency, and DAO-based community control. But everything narrows down to the ultimate adoption of the platform, which will decide its fate.

    Therefore, with a possible increase in the platform’s adoption, I understand that there is substantial growth potential in the value of the platform’s in-house token, i.e., DG Token.


    This report is intended for CoinSutra VIP users. This research report is based on the current market conditions and should not be treated as direct financial advice. Investing in crypto-assets has risk due to high volatility, so invest only that amount which you are ok to lose.

    DG Resources

    FAQ’s related to Decentral Games:

    What is Decentral Games?

    Decentral Games is a Virtual Casino where anyone can come and play wager-based games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, etc.

    What is DG Token?

    It is the primary utility token that plays a significant role in the functioning of the platform. DG Tokens are used as a medium of exchange between participants and the platform’s ecosystem.

    How can I earn DG Token?

    DG token can be earned by:
    1. Playing games on the platform
    2. Staking DG tokens in governance contracts
    3. Providing liquidity to the liquidity pools
    4. Affiliate bonus by referring players

    Where can I buy DG Token?

    You can buy DG tokens on the following exchanges:
    1. Pancakeswap
    2. Uniswap
    3. Quickswap
    4. Sushiswap
    5. Balancer

    Can US nationals play on Decentral Games?

    No, residents of a jurisdiction where online gambling is banned (such as the United States of America (USA), China, and South Korea) are not allowed to access Decentral Games.

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