Bitcoin Diamond (BCD): A Full List Of Bitcoin Diamond Exchanges

Bitcoin forks will soon be an everyday thing in the cryptosphere. We have already seen two successful Bitcoin forks that are now thriving well in the market.

Apart from these two, many Bitcoin hard forks are on the way and will be executed in the coming months, if not days.

One such fork being the Bitcoin Diamond which has already happened at 495866 block height. This block height simply means if you had a Bitcoin at this block height, you are eligible to have a Bitcoin Diamond in the 1 BTC: 10 BCD ratio.

I am not going to go over the whole fork story because CoinSutra has already covered it for its users. We have also issued detailed instructions about the fork in the link below.

When such forks occur, the main issue is liquidity i.e. who will provide buy/sell facility for these coins and which exchanges will list them first so that investors can benefit from them. Also, there is a high probability of scam exchanges preying on a user’s Bitcoin.

That is why I thought it is imperative to list legit exchanges which can be safely used for Bitcoin Diamond.

Note: Bitcoin Diamond’s blockchain is not live yet and hence, there are no actual BCD coins. Actual coins will be given to users when the actual main blockchain goes live which is scheduled for this month-end.

Best Websites To Buy/Sell Bitcoin Diamond

Exchange Pairs Available

1. Binance

Binance, one of the most popular and fastest-growing exchanges, has also distributed BCD tokens and opened markets for trading BCD.

It was one of the most popular exchanges to do it very quickly.

For more on Binance, see our detailed guide: “Binance Cryptocurrency: A Unique And Rapidly Growing Crypto Exchange“.

Binance took the screenshot at block 495866 and started trading it for its users immediately after.

Actual deposit/withdrawal of BCD is still not active on Binance, but expect it to be available when the BCD blockchain is stable and ready.

If you wish to trade BCD tokens, the following trading pairs are available on Binance (this can be done only if you had BTC on Binance at the time of the Bitcoin Diamond fork snapshot):



Another exchange that is supporting Bitcoin Diamond is It is a lesser-known exchange but has decent traffic and supports a lot of coin pairs.

They were also quite swift in providing support for the BCD fork which they announced on Twitter as well.

The actual deposit/withdrawal of BCD is still not active on the gate but will be available once the BCD blockchain is stable and ready.

If you wish to trade BCD tokens, the following trading pairs are available on the gate (this can be done only if you had BTC on the gate at the time of the Bitcoin Diamond fork snapshot):


Read gate’s official statement on BCD

3. YoBit

YoBit is a Chinese exchange that has also started trading Bitcoin Diamond. It officially announced support for Bitcoin Diamond on its official Twitter handle.

Read CoinSutra’s detailed review of the YoBit exchange.

Actual deposit/withdrawal of BCD is still not active on YoBit, but expect it to be available when the BCD blockchain is stable and ready.

If you wish to trade BCD tokens, the following trading pairs are available on YoBit (this can be done only if you had BCD on YoBit at the time of the Bitcoin Diamond fork snapshot):


More exchanges/wallets supporting Bitcoin Diamond

There are a few more exchanges that are interested in supporting Bitcoin Diamond. But it seems that they have secretly declared their support.

I was not able to find substantial official information from them, so I haven’t listed them and have not recommended being used because I am apprehensive about their security measures.

I will be updating this list as soon as I get more concrete official information, so watch this space on CoinSutra.

Update: The list of exchanges from where you can find BCD cryptocurrency to buy.

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17 thoughts on “Bitcoin Diamond (BCD): A Full List Of Bitcoin Diamond Exchanges”

  1. A

    good article. just one question. BCD is already on sale on Binance, but the price is more than $60, when on other exchanges they trade at 10-20 zone. Could someone explain why?

    1. m

      hi shudir, most of the website not presenting bcd and binance also suspend bcd. I got some BCD and willing to buy more as price $6.4 USD !!!!!!
      any website suggestion ?

  2. S

    Hello author, do you know to claim Bitcoin Diamond From Blockchain? So far I don’t see any instructions on how to split this so called coin ? Thank you

    1. B

      I was able to successfully obtain many forks: BCD BTG, BCH, also SBTC BTW, BTF, BTP and BTN using together bither and bitpie android apps with “get forks” function in bither.
      Then I sold BCD and SBTC on for BTC. Seems like all other exchanges suspend deposits/withdraws of BCD.

      For some extra forks like Bitcore BTX I’m using coinomi android app and it’s “sweep wallet” function.

        1. B

          What do you means by “reliable wallets”? =)

          I’m just used them to extract forks, not store.
          I’m using private key from my pre-fork BTC address, from which I preliminary send all my bitcoins to other address to avoid bad surprises.

          Then I’m send all fork coins from bither and coinomi to exchanges, for most coins (SBTC, BCG) it takes a time to confirm ( need 60 confirms for each coin).

          Then I bought BTG as most cheapest proved fork and withdraw it all back to my private BTG wallet.

          Currently I’m only stuck with BTW, BTF and BTP, there are very few exchanges accept them at ridiculous rate (I’m trying for them

          P.S. BCD get it flawlessly on the route bither->bitpie->>BTG->Ledger.

  3. K

    I am struck with my BCD coins in, It has one of the lowest price for BCD. While Kucoin has BCD for $150+ and Binance at $60+ and every exchange has blocked the withdrawal/deposit of BCD. I somewhere read BCD and BTC ratio is 1:10, I am hoping the BCD price to up to 1000 dollars, is it realistic? I cannot make my mind to either keep or sell the existing BCD I have or wait for it to increase in price at, Any suggestions?

  4. j

    Could you explain what is “pumping and dumping”and your comment: Yeah it is pumping and dumping with wired figures on different exchanges. Advice you to stay away.

  5. N

    It’s not pumping and dumping. Pumping dumping lasts for few hours or few days. However the price difference between different exchanges is for very long time.Main reason is as deposit and withdrawal is blocked there is no liquidity flow between exchanges hence demand and supply on different exchanges is very different.This is why price has huge difference.

  6. N

    This is an ironic joke. BCD ($16.93) is orphaned rogue distressed fork of BTC and is still valued on average twice as much as XRB -> NANO ($8.94). BCD is a good for nothing sh***coin you can buy anywhere between $6.27 on OKEx and $128.81 on Kucoin. Whereas XRB is the highly respected instantaneous transfer NANO. I think we should just buy out enough XRB coins to stake masternodes. Will BCD ever be of any real value and start flowing between exchanges?

      1. N

        Sir Sudhir,
        I’ve never heard of BCD until I saw that anomaly of huge price difference between exchanges that begs me for some arbitrage action – except that the BCD wallets are closed on most of the exchanges. That sounds like a consiracy to me.

        Why would you say – BCD is valued much more than BTC for some people?

        BTW when did this BTC fork to BCD occur?

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