BitBounce: A Crypto Based Email Service (Everything You Need To Know About It)

Hello! I use a new email filtering service called BitBounce to filter my email. To deliver your email to my inbox, please click the button below and pay the small cryptocurrency fee. Thank you!

$10.05 to deliver your email.

We’ve never met — I’ll pay your fee.

I know you — Add me to your whitelist.

Have you, recently, received such messages on your email?

I ask because I have started receiving it from some of my email recipients every time I send them an email.

Which led me to the question – what is it?

To my surprise, I found it to be a crypto-based email filtering service – Bitbounce

We have all only dreamt of filtering the chunks of spam emails that sit in our inbox, just never been able to do so yet.

Also, the idea of using payments to solve the email spam problem isn’t something that we didn’t know before.

But recently with the arrival of cryptographic tokens and coins that are faster and cheaper in transactions, this is now possible. That is because now micropayments to the tune of  $0.1 are feasible with blockchain-based tokens and coins.

That’s why it is the right time to solve the email accessibility and email spam solution and Bitbounce is doing exactly that.

For those of you who don’t know what Bitbounce is, here is a small explanation.

What Is Bitbounce?

BitBounce is a free email spam solution software that pays to receive emails.

But these are not just any emails. These are whitelisted emails from the people who you know. People who don’t know you get these types of autoresponder emails to contact you or to become whitelisted.

What Is Bitbounce

So, in short, you will be able to monetize your email space and time that you put in to read out your emails and would only consume filtered emails that are relevant to you. If someone wants your attention, they have pay and buy your time for consuming your email.

How BitBounce Works

BitBounce isn’t a scam. Instead, it is to control email spams that we receive every day in our inbox.

BitBounce can be integrated with your email and it will ask for your permission to access your emails contacts.

After integration, you will be required to set a minimum amount in USD which the senders will pay to receive your reply or emails.

How BitBounce Works

Let say you have set your email response price as $10 and the sender pays $10. Then this amount will be escrowed by the proprietary software of BitBounce until the sender receives a reply from the receiver.


Post the reply, the sender will be credited with the 70% of this outreach fee and 30% will be taken by BitBounce to run their business.

So if you have integrated BitBounce, every time someone you don’t know sends you an unsolicited email, you have the opportunity to earn Credo tokens (native token of BitBounce) which you can later trade for other currencies or use it to further reach out to people who you don’t know.

Further, you can track your BitBounce’s performance from its dashboard which looks like this:

BitBounce Dashboard

Use cases Of BitBounce

These are some of the use cases of BitBounce which will encourage you to try out their services (Source: BitBounce Whitepaper):

  • Spam Filter: The first use case for BitBounce is to act as a more effective spam filter, which solves the spam problem.
  • Incentivized Response: The second use case for BitBounce is to incentivize a response from a recipient, which solves the email access problem.
  • Autopilot: The third use case for BitBounce is to automatically pay in Credo for emails to be delivered to recipients.
  • Incentivized Email Campaign: The fourth use case for BitBounce is to compose and send incentivized email marketing campaigns.

Apart from this, BitBounce is committed to allowing minimum disruption at how one uses their email clients and instead keep updating its features in the background.

To use BitBounce, one does not need to change their email clients such as Gmail or Outlook but can make it more managed by using the ‘Whitelist’ feature of BitBounce that helps in the filtration.

How To Get Started With BitBounce

To get started with BitBounce, you simply need to sign-up using your email ID.

Then, you need to give permission to BitBounce for the following things:

Get Started With BitBounce

You can then set your own price of each email response you want to reply for. In the case of BitBounce, the minimum amount is USD 0.1.

For using BitBounce you will also need Credo tokens if you want to outreach someone who you don’t know. (Of course, that person should have BitBounce integration).

Credo Market Cap

According to CoinMarketCap, the total circulating supply of Credo is 1549,891,703 CREDO and the current price of each unit is $0.022. That values its market cap at approximately $12 million (at the time of this article).

Credo Exchanges

You can buy Credo tokens from the following exchanges in these pairs:

  • CoinBene: CREDO/ETH
  • Tidex: CREDO/BTC
  • BitMart: CREDO/BMX

Credo Wallets

Credo is an ERC20 token which means you have plenty of options for storing your Credo tokens safely. The options listed below will help you keep your Credo safe.

Conclusion: Email That Pays

BitBounce is an interesting service.

If you remember, we reviewed a similar service previously.  BitBounce, however, is different as it has its own native currency.

Having a native token of yours gives you more insights and control of your product. Plus, it helps in acquiring funds for bootstrapping your product but that token can quickly lose value if you are not doing it properly.

Keeping this in mind, BitBounce has taken the pain of writing their whitepaper and have shown their product to the world in a decent manner.

It has also picked well in the market. Its usage had skyrocketed in the initial 6 months, but in my opinion, BitBounce has to make the product more usable and relevant to the general public.

It is expected that people will pay for a response from someone at a position of a CEO or a VC, but for other users, it doesn’t make much sense.

Plus, they have to make their whitelisting process more streamlined as it is not possible for some to manually whitelist so many contacts every time.

I have seen many people use BitBounce, but they have reported that earning money from it isn’t as feasible. That is because they don’t hold an influential position. On the flip side, this product can work very well for incentivized email marketing.

Well, that is all from my side in this introductory round of BitBounce project and Credo tokens.

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