ABCC Exchange: Zero-Fee Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange

ABCC free trading exchange

Do you know how crypto exchanges earn their revenues? 

Well, they earn their profits by skimming a piece of your pie each time you trade in the form of exchange fee or trading fee.

But this happens so slow and steady that you even don’t realize it.

And one might say that exchange fees or trading fees are at all-time lows – 0.1% or 0.25%. But this small fraction can make a huge difference in the acquisition of your wealth over a period.

However, there is one crypto exchange that has your back, whether you are a beginner or a veteran trader – ABCC.

True Zero-Fee Crypto Trading Experience

Zero-Fee Crypto Trading

AlphaBit Cryptocurrency Exchange (ABCC) is the first true cryptocurrency exchange that offers commission-free trading experience to its users.

Launched in April 2018, it aims at providing a frictionless, user-centric trading experience. It is on the mission to embrace the philosophy of blockchain, i.e., open, frictionless and participatory. ABCC focuses on helping investors identify valuable blockchain assets, offering a secure online trading platform and providing professional trading services.

Calvin Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of ABCC, and one of the co-founders is a Singaporean entrepreneur who has successfully founded several companies, technology, and media. He is also a former appointed member of Singapore’s Parliament and a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.

The exchange is functional as of now and is based out of Singapore with 50+ team members and investors like Funcity Capital and Dream Seeker Capital backing it.

Features and What we like about ABCC


ABCC is a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange that is proud of its free-trading USP (no hidden fee or charge for any trading amount or tokens is applicable on their platform) 

And its quicker transactions (withdrawals/deposits/exchanges) and lower withdrawal fee make it fundamentally different from its competitors.

However, I know you must be thinking as to how they earn their revenues? Well, as of now, the services are free for retail users. Their future revenue would be from API users and also other value-added services within the blockchain ecosystem. (More details on it later)

Also, they have implemented different security layers for protection of investor’s funds and only list quality coins via a proprietary investment methodology.

How To Register, Login & Withdrawal Limits

You require your email ID and name to get started with the registration. By using this official guide, you can easily complete your sign-up process.

Post that, you should complete your KYC verification by submitting relevant documents if you want to enjoy greater withdrawal limits. Here is the official verification guide for the same.

Post completion, you will be entitled to the following withdrawals:

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  1. I’d be interested in a business proposition with ABCC. Would you be having any formal channels of communication to their decision makers?

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